Saturday, September 7, 2013

A series of oil waterfall paintings

Wolf Creek Moment, 16x20 
In response to a long distance prospective customer, I posted this series of paintings based on some of her criteria. She eventually selected a 24" tall, 12'' wide painting of a section of the Horseshoe Falls, a prominent rock that creates rooster flares of water, right at the precipice. It had an abstract quality that was similar to some of the paintings she originally selected from my website,

It was interesting to find waterfalls in my collection without including large pastels, it is a whole new way of looking at a series for me. Here are 15, selected because they are waterfall themes and none of them are smaller than 10x14, all will be wall enhancing beauties!

All of these are OIL paintings. Most are painted on canvas mounted on a panel, a few larger ones are on canvas mounted on stretchers or a panel, but all have similar textures of paint on the surface. I tried to post the same sizes together for comparison, size determines the cost. The sizes on the screen are not to scale here, so look at the size listed underneath. Colors on the screen will not be exact as every computer is calibrated different. Some colors may not be as bright-or dark- as they look here. Framing can be arranged.

Interested? Comment below or my email, which is  ks [at]

Peace at Blossom Falls, 16x20 

Steps of Niagara, 16x20
Noise, 16x20
Rush, 16x20

November Plume, 18x24 {On Easel}

 Dam Leaves 12x18

Morning Light on American Falls 24x24
Rainbow Bridge & Mist, 24x24

Rock Of Ages, 24x12
Riding the Middle Falls, 12x24 

International Mist 12x24

The Horseshoe from 3 Sisters 12x24
Composition With Ice, 10x14

After the Rain, 11x14 

The 'shoe, 18x24

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