Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fall Harvest Sideline

I enjoy slicing, peeling, seeding and cooking fresh vegetables in various combinations, but mostly eating the products of my kitchen time. 
I happened to have an abundance of fresh vegetables on the counter when I noticed an interesting composition with a giant German Red garlic bulb right about the time I had a hankering to push some  oil paint around. The bright red basket usually holds our Christmas cards and was temporarily commandeered to keep the squash and tomatoes. I considered rearranging things but decided the natural grouping was already good. The basket went with me straight to the studio after I added some refrigerated blackberries on the left for balance.
Days later,  the acorn squash tasted particularly good, maybe spending a week in the art room before cooking gave it some extra flavor. I know I am always better after my time in the studio!

Winter Vegetable Basket, oil 9x12 c.2017
Winter Vegetable Basket, Kath Schifano

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