Friday, October 11, 2019

The 13th century In Plein Air pastel

Invited to paint for a month at this lovely estate, farm and restful location, my studio there provided a space to work and think. I was constantly aware that the history of Italy is evident millenniums after buildings and cities were established. Ancient aqueducts remain all through Europe, and the towns and cities I visited were walled against takeover by neighboring cities, the church and warring states. One of the buildings was nearly intact on the Borgo estate and was transformed from a 13th century bakery to a residence for guests. The giant cook oven was transformed into a large fireplace. 

Intrigued by the chimney, this pastel painting shows the building as it exists today. Another part of the ancient monastery and way place for pilgrims was a one story building, broken up into various living spaces. It was salvaged and rebuilt to be utilized as the main entrance, as well as the wine cellar, restaurant and guest rooms.

The Old Bakery, 16x20 pastel, c. 2019

Work in Progress on location

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