Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Rapidly painting rapids.

Feeling ambitious, I brought a larger gallery framed canvas to 3 Sisters to paint. It had rained hard the previous two days and the rapids were particularly loud. There was a lot of water furiously headed for the falls.  I set up at the edge of the second bridge, leaving room for the occasional tourist and looked to the east. The gates of the Canadian water authority was the only built structure besides the distant communication towers, so this would be perfect. It became a study in soft colors, churning water and a slightly gray sky loaded with clouds. Having an overcast day meant that without strong light the scene would not change much as the day progressed. 

I considered including the greenery on both sides of my view but kept to my study of the tumbling water. It's a great painting in person, cameras rarely catch the subtleties of gentle color changes. 

light colors of rocks and river tumbling to the falls.
Upriver Rapids oil, 12x30


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