Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Explaining where I live

The American Falls and Bridal Veil
The Horseshoe Falls

Well, yes, this is Niagara Falls and that IS A LOT OF WATER! Lake Erie ends in Buffalo and the neck of water named the Niagara River is technically not a river. It isn't long enough at 35 miles and just connects two lakes, it also is the natural boundary between the USA and Canada. It ends at Lake Ontario. 

Many areas of this river are nearly a mile wide. After Buffalo, and before the famous Falls attraction, an island is formed where the river splits. At that point it is usually called East River and West River and I live there along with about 20,000 others, in Grand Island. The Niagara Thruway bridges are our only access roads and the first was built in 1939. Before that, it was mostly a summer residence and party place, students who lived year here round took a ferry to the mainland for school...unless it was frozen over. 

The larger island here is Grand Island and the smaller, uninhabited one is Navy Island. Navy was once considered as a location for the United Nations and belongs to Canada. My home is at about 8 o'clock in the picture, near the speck of island to the left of the bridge. There are two state parks here, one at each end and much greenspace as the residents mostly live along the water. The waterfalls are two miles downriver, out of the picture. This is a view looking south toward Buffalo, you can see the expanse of Lake Erie at the top. Needless to say, the fury of the river make it a poor choice for swimming.
Thank you to James Cavanaugh for permission to use this unique Grand Island photo, we usually see if from the southern view. More of his dramatic aerial photos are at

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  1. Kath...I remember meeting you at an Art festival on the River in North Tonawanda. I purchased one of your Prints...LOVE it. The History that you have just posted, is some i had never heard. I lived close to Niagara Falls, for most of my life too! LOL
    Merry Christmas...and stay warm. ( We have since moved to a warmer climate) ;)