Friday, May 1, 2020

Covid 19 Time out.

Two months indoors? What ever have I been doing? Along with the rest of the world I have caught up with a bazillion plans, sorted places I hadn’t paid much attention to and painted some challenges. I am so fortunate to have my art studio/gallery in my home. Here is a sample of what else keeps me busy. 
BAKING. This is an Irish bread from an old family recipe which I have discovered must be made with only the freshest ingredients to have it taste like Aunt Rose's. She made several large loaves weekly and brought them to the firehouse in Locust Valley NY. And 2 loaves to visit as I was growing up.  Plus some oatmeal cookies since the ingredients were out. I’ve baked more different things these days than I usually do all year, except Christmas.

RESURRECTING PAINTINGS. Not every painting is perfect the first time around so I have sorted through 15 years of work and discarded some more (I have a 'to be burned' pile) and reworked others. This needed more pastel color, it’s pretty big and the balloon which is the subject had faded in storage. There are more paintings to tackle and correct, so both oils and pastels are out in the studio.

MEMORIES. I found this on Facebook from 2011. I still have everything in the, pants jacket and hat are all useful painting clothes. Except the car. This had a good back deck for protection from rain and wind, and occasionally snow. I require a lift back so I can use the car as a mobile studio and have shade or protection. I can’t wait to get back out! 

Monday, April 6, 2020

A story of two paintings.

Several years ago I was invited to participate in the Westfield NY Plein Air Event, a week of painting at various sites, meeting artists, some get-togethers and dinners and a final public exhibit and sale.

A day was scheduled at Johnson Estate Winery. In the morning I trekked the tractor path up a hill and painted a lovely barn scene surrounded by the vineyards. After lunch I settled my easel under a sour cherry tree in deep shade, so cool on that hot summer day. For several hours I worked on a painting (framed, below). Although it is a lovely memory and a fair painting I continued to have concerns about it-was it too realistic, too hard edged, not painterly, well, just too something to me which I couldn't define clearly. 

With all the studio time we have now (as I am social distancing) I felt I should tackle my problem. It turned out that I probably won't ever change the first painting since the composition is okay and it is a lovely close up of the tree. 

I decided to repaint it as an experiment on an old canvas, a hard edge abstract that I don't remember painting. After sanding the old painting a bit I sketched the cherries a bit closer and oversized. The canvas is twice the size of the original. With some serious planning and evaluation I adjusted leaves, added fruit on the top right and poured on paint with large brushes and bravado, mostly using old paint tubes of odd colors. After all this was an experiment on an expendable surface as well as rejected tubes of colors.

I love the results of this experiment!  Reused canvases, painted over failed pictures, practicing new skills...and coming up with a fine painting on top of a discarded image is a welcome result. I can't actually regret painting on old canvases when the new picture turns out well, because the colors underneath probably influenced the new image. That is one more reason I always prefer to paint onto toned backgrounds.

Sweet Sour Cherries 16x12 oil on birch, © 2016

Sweet Memories 22x18 oil on canvas © 2020

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Figure drawing

The Carnegie Art Center has begun scheduling figure drawing opportunities in the evening. As much as I love the practice and challenge of figures I am a bit lazy about driving a distance after a long day. The Carnegie is significantly closer to drive than other spots and I plan to join them as the schedule is released. 
I arrived after the warmup speed drawings. For the remainder of the session the artists chose a long pose, on a stool, seated on her bent right leg. In the first drawing I dealt with a difficult foreshortened leg. For the second I moved myself to a side view for a quick sketch. This model maintained great posture throughout the pose which encouraged me to sit a bit straighter. Artists used a variety of media and views. I used 18x12 pastel paper with soft pastels, having fun blending values and color. 
Kath Schifano
About an hour with short breaks
20 minutes, I moved to the side for this one, basically unfinished.

Nice film about the Castellani show

The WKBW link (which may have an ad)

Here is the YouTube link.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Castellani Museum Reception

Kath Art
20/20 Vision:Women Artists in Western New York at the Castellani Art Museum contains work by 186 artists from five WNY counties. I am so pleased to be represented in this amazing exhibit which will remain until August 26. My painting 'Beyond the Rock of Ages' is on the Tops Gallery wall. It is 15"x30", an oil painting that shows the talus being pounded at the base of the cataracts. Many of these rocks are as big as a bus, I chose this because of its power. All the art works are arranged alphabetically in the main rotunda as well as the large gallery you can barely see over my shoulder.

We visited a few days before the reception, so this is BEFORE
and this is AFTER!

 The reception at 5:08 pm, it opened at 5:00 and people kept arriving until the last minute. What a crowd and a great opportunity to meet artists and guests. 
 Interim Director Michael Beam, NU professors Amelia and Marian and I found a moment to celebrate with a rare selfie.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Castellani Art Museum 20/20 Vision

I am so pleased to be included in this comprehensive exhibition of art representing women artists from counties in the western part of New York. 
The Castellani Art Museum exhibition '20/20 Vision' reception will be on February 20, 2020 at 5pm-7. I expect a crowd! Nearly 200 artworks by Western New York artists are displayed through August. The large central gallery room as well as the double gallery on the north side will be filled with examples from women of varied styles and levels of expertise.

My painting of the American Falls from the hurricane deck is included in this comprehensive exhibit. Most of the artwork is for sale and in support of women, and businesses run by and supported by women have been  requested to support the artists by purchasing work.
Be there, 02/20/2020
Castellani Art Museum at Niagara University

Castellani Art, Niagara University, American falls
Beyond the Rock of Ages, 15x30 oil on canvas

Friday, January 24, 2020

Tropical Snow Scene

Living in the Northeast means snow in winter and it is especially welcome at Christmas. This was another one of those crazy holidays where we were somewhere else and the holiday seemed so different. Sunshine and warmth on Christmas morning called me to my easel-this is my 12/25/2019 holiday statement. 

That blowup (and sparkly lighted) snowman almost made it into the composition. Just almost, as I considered it but didn't try to sketch him into my plan. However, he was nice company and caused me to chuckle more than I usually might when painting.
Christmas morning painting outside

Tilt on a Christmas Palm, 14x11 oil on Arches H'uile

Painting Selected for an Award

While Plein Air painting this Fall scene in Letchworth State Park, I was asked by many visitors if they were allowed up on the railroad bridge. I didn't know the answer-until the train came and the answer was obviously no. The bridge was very old, probably quite rickety and when the train came it went very slowly. Nevertheless, I had to paint very fast to capture it. Probably the first train I've painted from life while moving!

I had not shown it publicly until the opportunity to enter 'Artists and Friends' at Niagara Arts and Cultural Center in Niagara Falls, New York in December. I had every intention of attending the gala reception that the NACC has for this winter show but had to change my plans. A family trip to Houston had to be changed to an earlier date. Facebook was how I learned the painting was awarded an Honorable Mention prize and I feel badly that I was not there to receive it in person.
The Townsend Gallery at the NACC
"Are You Allowed Up There" oil on panel, 30x15