Monday, January 21, 2008

Grand Island Artist paints Houston

I did not actually paint Houston; I might have, but the carefully prepared traveling box of art supplies remained in Grand Island as I flew South. Borrowed paints allowed me to paint this January blooming 'Bottlebrush' plant. It is nearly two stories tall and lives right at Robin & Jeremy's front door. This is also a return to acrylics; I am astounded that the paint dried so quickly, especially since I had recently used drying extenders with my oils. The difference? I could just put my wet brush down to go eat dinner while painting with oils, and pick it up the next day to continue blending. The acrylics would dry on the bristle while I thought about where I should place the brush! This was painted plein air from their porch, but the next painting will be created & completed in my studio. I am back and it is 15˚ here.
On one of our walks I met a gentleman painting plein air. He used the biggest palette I have ever seen-a potential sail on our windy days. It would have made a great coffee table. Talking with the painter about context & composition, I asked 'what are you looking for here?' His answer - 'Paying customers with cash.' I guess he has been painting outdoors a lot-I left him to his wishes.
'Bottlebrush flowers' 9x12, acrylic 2008

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