Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Waiting for a Better Answer

Early June heralds the third annual Plein Air Competition in the Finger Lakes, hosted in Canandaigua. These three lovelies went into my application. Results are in, I am selected as an alternate, one of two, I believe. Certainly not hoping for another artist to have a calamity, but rather a conflict. This event is something I REALLY want to do, it is three days of art and artists, a quick draw and a show of all the work completed. Of all the applicants, 40 were chosen. I would hate to be the 'first loser'.
Roiling, Niagara,waterfalls
Roiling 12x16 pastel

Bog River Falls, Adirondack artist
Rocks at Bog Falls, 9.5x12.5 pastel

Adirondack artist, Flume painting
Solstice Sun on the Flume, 12.5x9.5 pastel

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day from the Studio Window

Blue Spruce, pastel painting, winter art
 We have planted a variety of evergreens since building this house, some blue, green, droopy, in sets of three, short, fluffy, flat and one that is really spiky. Although many were planted around the same time, they are all different sizes. Three trees from the same grower and put in three different places are just that, different. One in the woods lingered a long and slow death as trees stole the sunlight and deep shade combined with clay soil finished it off. The second is on the edge of the wooded area, as long as big branches nearby are pruned, it grows slowly. This is the third, on the property border, open to light and admiration, anchoring a favorite garden with flowers and color from Spring to Fall. It is as tall as the second story roof next door and is part of my studio view, prominent in the winter. Something about nature and nurture belongs here.

After 6 months without pastel painting I was thrilled to try out my healed hand on this. Unfortunately, using pastels will be a part time experience for me as this, combined with some colored pencil work brought back the pain. THe right side shows some large handmade and favored pastels I used on the tree and snow. Still my first love, I will carefully plan and spread out the time I put into the next few paintings with pastels. Oils are another story, I hold the brushes with different muscles. Anyway, this was fun to do, I hung it on the studio door.

Blue Spruce, pastel 22x6