Monday, June 30, 2008

NACC press release features KS painting

My painting, 'The Secret Garden' was selected to head a press release for the NACC summer exhibition 'Beyond the Barrel'
Go here to see it.

East Aurora NY weekend art show

It was called the 55th East Aurora Art Association Show, but I would call it a rainy weekend. Friday, June 27 Carl & I set up the tent and on Saturday morning after the rain it was still dry inside. We had about two hours of dark clouds and a deluge on Saturday the 29th, then on Sunday the threatening clouds really acted up from about 3:00-a noisy rain event that filled the street to the curbs continued until we were packed & gone. It was lovely the rest of the time & sunblock was needed, too. 
Only problem is the wet tent & walls that still need to be aired before being packed-for next week in Niagara falls.
I was pleased to be awarded a Merit ribbon in Oil for my painting-Seven Apples & the Light-which is near the tent pole. I was situated next to Sharon Fundalinski [white skirt], & Peggy Walker is seated there too. They are the two best painting buddies I have-my Thursday artists. That's my back at the easel-there was a lovely old oak tree trunk in front of the red bricks that I was able to work on.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June at Niagara Falls

There was a chance of showers, but the sun was out, so I headed to the State Park to challenge the rapids. The 2006  'Islands in the Curve' was purchased by staff at the State Parks, I especially liked the painting-it is July on the calendar, so I decided to try the composition again. The islands have grown, and the weather was sometimes overcast-in addition there was a misty breeze swirling that kept me, the painting & palette slightly damp. The photo was taken by a California tourist. I gave their daughter a business card to look up the painting when it was complete. Dad took the picture & used my address to send it. A few plein air painters don't enjoy interruptions, but not me. It is a chance to look away from the subject and the paint & look back with a 'fresh eye'. Most people are cautious & wary, they just want to see real art, murmur 'lovely' or 'so talented' & walk on. Kids pay attention to the palette, the brushes & process. So many say they paint at home & school. Life is good, so I stayed to paint a close-up of a dent in the Falls further to the right side-a rock & it's splash. While working on the second painting, the first blew over-the dark spots in the cataracts are not fish, that is plein air painter's dirt, stuck to the oils.
'New Curve of the Falls-2008' 8x10, oil on panel 2008
'Horseshoe Divot' 5x7 oil on board, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

NACC opening preview

Friday, June 20 is the opening for the 5th annual 'Beyond the Barrel' show in Niagara Falls, NY. I have two pieces accepted in this show, & Carl has two digital collages in the show. Also, it is his birthday. 
One is the wide plein air painting 'Secret Garden in Youngstown', the second is pictured here. This large studio oil painting shows the sunlight rising over the trees & shining into the mist.

Morning Light on American Falls, 24x24, oil, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Letchworth State Park Weekend

Spent the last weekend en plein air & completed three oils, a pastel & a small watercolor. Sherrill & I went to Letchworth State Park & stayed in a cabin, with indoor water, fridge, etc, so we were quite comfortable eating & sleeping. The weekend consisted of several sudden showers & misty sunlight, so we toggled between indoors & out. Caught only once by the weather,  we were drenched-every bit of equipment, palette & brush was floating, but oils are forgiving, & the cabin was nearby. The deluge was followed by sun and a breeze, so our assorted articles dried on the big porch. My french box easel appreciated the moisture, all the sliding fittings and connectors are much tighter now.

The best part was painting down behind the cabin in total natural beauty & light-and being watched by a deer for a long morning. She thought she was hidden behind a tree, 50 yards away.I think we were her first artists, on the other hand, her fawn may have been just born & camouflaged in the leaves right near us.

On the negative side, I managed to ruin the digital camera & will not be posting images until that is resolved! I really liked that camera, & will buck modern times to try to have it fixed.