Monday, November 29, 2010

Art to Print?

I received an email this week because a Google searcher found me and my cloud paintings when looking for posters. I was impressed because I had only published two of the 40 paintings from my year of preparing for 'Skies over Buffalo, Wait a Minute'. It slowed down my posting this year as it kept me busy doing my favorite sport-painting! Actually I purposely held back those images just for a show.
Anyway, it made me realize that they would make super posters.....thinking......

Don't Bring Me Rain, oil 10x20 2010
Off the Lake, oil 12x16 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Open Art Studio Show is Over for 2010

At the top of the staircase I placed this large oil painting, painted from a beautiful bouquet, my birthday gift. It was an introduction to the upstairs gallery and a complete change from the water, rocks and skies of downstairs Falls painting exhibit. I think the transition was effective. Guests stopped on the top step to look at it, then walked the hall left and right to look at other paintings.

Next year, I will create a display of the flowers downstairs, as I only used a few of them anywhere this year. There were many Fall landscapes en plein air in the studio and I was pleased to see them all together. I'll probably emphasize bridges somewhere too. I surprised myself at how many different bridge paintings are here.

After I picked up the cookies and paperwork from the open art studio event, I went out for a quick errand. Returning, the ceiling spotlight still shone on this painting, giving it an eerie glow it deserves, I could see it from the road.

There is a difference in the right and left sides that is only evident with a careful introspective observation, it is bright and optimistic on the right, fading on the left.

Perhaps I will put it in the living room near the window. I always felt it belonged over a breakfront or a server, to appear as a bouquet placed on that piece of furniture.

If you missed this sunny and busy show weekend, I'll be back next year, or call for an appointment anytime.

It's a Lot Like Life, oil 28x22 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Open Art Studio

Next week will be my 3rd annual open art studio, Friday & Saturday 11-5. Saw a friend who purchased my Great Lakes gardens picture (September 2010 calendar image) last year at the open house & told him about next week. I thought his head would fly off when he whipped it around to say-'What! That was a year ago?'

Time flies when we are having fun.

This oil painting has been on and off my easel all year. I started it because of an earlier pink flower painted in pastel from a similar view-the back. It was called 'Looking Back on a Decade' because the painting coincided with one of those landmark birthdays.
What! That was TEN years ago!!

Just another Decade, oil 20x16 2010