Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 Christmas card, finally

holiday painting, art by Kath, tree decorations
Bright Dreams, 5x7 c. K.Schifano

For some unknown reason, we did not send our annual homemade cards for the past two years. After 40 years of designing, writing and mailing them it should have been natural. In fact, it felt unnatural to NOT send Christmas cards. I was not inspired to paint a Christmas appropriate or red flower scene when the weather was warm and snow hadn't arrived. In fact, I often don't paint seriously from mid November through New Year's so I can concentrate on family, gifts and baking buckets of cookies. Baking is certainly an alternate art form. Though I have considered working on the card in August that has never happened, part of my tradition is the December rush.

Some of the most entertaining cards were drawings years ago by Charles or Robin, printed in green or blue or red (or black at first, before colored inks were possible) on white typing paper. Santas, Rudolph or funky decorated trees in my file still make me smile.

Maybe the problem of no little kids was solved this year. As I sat in my allergist's office, waiting 30 minutes for my shot reaction to not happen, there was this sweet artificial tree tucked in a corner and a little boy reading aloud, a girl squirming on granny's lap and two preteens. And this tree in the corner. I sketched it in my ever-present moleskin drawing book and took a photo.

 It didn't take long to turn it into a painting. With help from Carl my painting was laid out and printed as our 2017 Schifano card. They may have been mailed a bit late, but the deed is done! Merry Christmas, and here is a toast to good traditions.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

An evening at 700 Bistro

  A sweet coffee shop by day and a wine bar at night, 700 Bistro in Lewiston hosted an artist evening. The emphasis was wine with chocolate, how could that be wrong? 

This shop is directly across from my Lewiston Art Festival tent site in August, so I had an opposite view.  I brought a single large painting and a selection of 5x7s, ideal for gifts. It turned out to be a lovely evening, art and wine is the perfect blend.