Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Burchfield Penney Saturday still life

Two fun Saturday afternoons at Burchfield PenneyArt Center in their first floor classroom
involved an art project with unusual still life set ups by invited artists. I like to work with real objects outdoors, but these were so different that I kept smiling as I painted. It was difficult to choose a particular part of these unusual structures to work with because there was so much going on in each still life.
Saturdays With Myles

Watching the museum's schedule for additional opportunities to do this challenge, I am disappointed that these two paintings will stand alone. There is no way I could put up a crazy still life like either of them for myself. I have to laugh that I did this for my students regularly. Because the setups were completely my choice I didn't have the perspective of strange and new objects. Planning the shapes and colors gave me an unfair advantage. At this moment I want to apologize to all the art students who were overwhelmed by art room still lifes in Niagara Falls High School. It took me quite a few years, but now I know how you felt.
Both paintings are 12x9 oil.  My Guerrilla Painter pochade box worked well on the classroom tables.
Critters With Eyes

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sitting here to paint these rocks=Perfect Day!
 This is just one little piece of the fabulous Niagara Reservation State Park. Three small islands in the upper rapids provide spectacular views of the rapids, but sweet views are abundant as you walk across each of the bridges. Check my post on 3/23/2012 for another island view. I've painted, but not posted, this same boulder several times. When I returned a week later the bushes in the foreground had grown so much that this view was no longer visible. This is one of Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters favorite painting spots. I schedule us there every year.
In progress 'Between Bridges"

plein air niagara, rushing water
Between Bridges, 16x20 oil c. K Schifano 2018

Always nice to win!

Nice coverage of the NACC prize in the Niagara Gazette!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wilson, NY with NFPAP

white building, boats in water
Lighthouse Tower, c.K. Schifano
A group appointment to paint together on the shore of Lake Ontario means I can buy fresh vegetables on the way home. The nice bunches of asparagus I saw on the roadside were gone by the time I was finished, but the garlic sign was up. The garlic farmer gentleman cutting the grass was fun to talk to but unfortunately the garlic isn't ready until July. He said I could come back and paint there...and bring my friends. Angled trees and various sculptures added to the charm of his multiple farm buildings and gardens.
I wanted to paint the Wilson Restaurant but did not have a vantage point to see it from the public area and the homeowners were not around to give permission. I did have a nice view of this new building which is actually a residence and hotel, there is also a marina gas pump nearby. The boats along the front changed frequently as they filled up. The one I painted was pretty big and took a while to fill the tank. I cannot imagine what their bill is to fill it, probably they could afford this painting for that price; the painting would last a lifetime while the gasoline is just a memory.

Lighthouse Tower, 12x9, oil on linen