Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The April Calendar picture

Last Spring I purchased this Primula at the Botanical Gardens. It spent weeks-months, maybe, in the dining room before I brought it up to sit on my easel. One evening I noticed the reflection of the back of the plant on the dark window glass. I could see all the flowers of the plant. Out came the palette & brushes. It was so exciting to paint a flower-close up-after doing so many landscapes. It also convinced me that I could easily paint indoors safely if I left the window open a bit and continued to use no solvents to paint.
Along with the December Holly, it represented April and my 16x20 studio oils at the show, and gathered lots of attention. I have really enjoyed having this painting around, and now it has found a new home as a Mother's Day gift from Fran Volpe to her daughter. Nice choice! Time to turn the calendars to May.
Primula Reflections, oil 16x20 2007

Travels as it Dries

This juicy rose is home again, and pleasing me at the end of the hall. It was delivered, still wet, to the NACC solo show February 1st. It dried very nicely there for two months, with plans of relocating above Martha's couch. Well, it went 'fine with the rug', but clashed with the pink pillows and afghan on the couch. The gold & black frame had too much drama, too, so the other newer painting will remain there. It spent a few days at the Albright Knox, too, but I fortunately have it back, ready to do the 'wall-dance' at 1575.
The varnish goes on late this summer.
Complementary Rose, oil, 24x24 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Buckhorn State Park

As I pack up sweaters and gloves for the season, I find myself putting snow pictures away as well. Painted last year, this is the road through Buckhorn that I use to drive to Niagara Falls. Having had less snow than cold, I rarely was on a snowy East-West Park Road this winter. That's a good thing.
The painting was acclaimed at Quaker Bonnet, it created a contrast with the Allen Street buildings-kind of a window to the country.
The Road to Work 22"X28" pastel

Painting Night in Winter

This gem was inspired by the best (and final) snowfall of the winter. It had snowed lightly, but steadily all weekend, trees were spectacular weighted with snow. This is earliest morning light, facing East on Huth Road. The streetlights are yellow-orange in color, casting long violet shadows. These trees are now blooming with Spring leaves; the painting took me longer than any other I have done. I also learned a great deal about using glazes and multiple layers of color to build depth while I worked up a sore shoulder from all the strokes required to create the branching. This is the absolute opposite of plein air, but is influenced by all I have learned by painting on location as well as the series of studio oils completed in the past few months.
Out of place with blooming Forsythia in the yard, I look forward to the summer, as I look back at what I was able to capture during the most beautiful weather event of the winter.

Snow Before Dawn 28"x22" oil

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Painting at Night

Painting at night seemed like  a serious challenge, and the coolest gift of 2006 was a hat with headlights, so I could see the colors on the palette or pastels. However, my first night painting was in Houston, from a 3rd floor porch at Jeremy & Robin's apartment. No hat & headlight in sight, so the indoor lights illuminated my page and I perched on the edge of a chair to see the commercial building out the complex & across the road. Night painting? I am hooked.

From the Porch in Houston, pastel, 9x12 2007

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not so black & white

I thought it was Spring & awoke to fresh white-but not a lot. It was just enough to cover almost budded branches and create a winter wonderland-in earliest Spring. From my favorite Buckhorn road, you can see me surrounded by beauty. I am considering a B&W painting, but I still see the colors-shall I leave out the pinks or the golds?
Watch for the painting!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Turkey Vultures?

The seasons are changing here & apparently there was some carrion was under the melted snow. These turkey vultures roosted just down the street-all day. Sideways is appropriate for April Fool's Day, but this was no joke. They are about 30" in size, with a wingspan of 6 feet-and look like eagles when they swoop.

Final NACC pictures

The end of the exhibition at the NACC was quite exciting. Since the show was held over for a month my family-Bobbie, Chris & Sandi Peters had an opportunity to see this show in the Garden Gallery. In addition, I was asked to speak at the Finally Friday event, which was sold out. This is a catered lunch & talk that is held on the final Friday of several months of the year. I neglected to ask the attendees if they came for the food or the art. The art & discussion was well received & my prints remain a favorite for new Niagara area art collectors. Thanks to Gina, Kelly, Kathie, Ray & Carl for all their help & support to put this show together & bring my work to the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center for the past two months.