Monday, March 14, 2011


The botanical garden's recent Amaryllis show was a riot of color, strap leaves & thick tall stems topped by gaudy trumpets marching along the greenhouse paths.

This beauty was buried with sprays of tiny orchids at the entrance to the ivy house. I was attracted to the red, green & white colors as well as the way it reached into the path.

Untitled, pastel, 9.5x12.5 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cattleya Orchid

Last weekend's Botanical Garden's event featured the glorious blooming orchid room and the Orchid Society Show.

Leading up to this event, the orchids have been casually unfolding from balls and ovals and even zigzag bundles from their host of strap leaves and air roots. Otherwise unremarkable plants have become riots of color, and each week we painters spent time checking out the buds and new colors.

I had worked at a popular florist when all women wore gaudy corsages for Easter so it was the biggest work weekend with hours right through the night. Everyone's Mom & Grandma needed to have a color coordinated flower and bow on their Easter finery.

This cattleya puts the smaller cymbidiums and phalaenopsis to shame by its sheer size, as a corsage it was a favorite but I never understood why the big flopping petals that reached halfway across any women's outfit was so popular, in those days the color to wear was purple.

For me, sitting in the orchid room with these screaming yellow flowers for a morning of mark making was wonderful!

Not My Corsage, pastel 9.5x12.5 2011