Thursday, February 26, 2015

Burchfield 'Artists Seen' Photo project

David Moog, a Rochester based and well known B&W photographer is in residence at Burchfield Art Museum, he was given a studio on the first floor for the next three years. His project involves photographing WNY artists for 'undecided' uses right now, but especially for a 100 year retrospective in the museum to be shown in the 22nd century. Talk about planning ahead!

I was invited to sit for my portrait and also enjoyed an afternoon discussion of art, artists, introspection and philosophy with both Mr. Moog and Don Keller in their photo studio, meeting a few Museum staff and reviewing the Alexander Levy exhibit that filled most of the first floor.

I had been advised to choose whatever I wanted to wear, and there would be no props. I spent at least a week thinking about what  to choose to wear and do. I had a vision of leaning against a wall, standing. The 100 year later photo of Me that I imagined needed to be comfortable and natural, so I chose jeans and a vest, the Andy Warhol pin already on the pocket flap. Walking into the room, Mr. Moog told me he had decided to do closeups this week. Although many of the photos involved looking directly into the lens, the one he chose of me was relaxed and looking down, two hands to the side of my face.  Clothes were not the subject, once again I was unnecessarily concerned about a detail.

'Photo of the Photographer'

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIne On Third WInter displays

Kath Schifano, Grand Island artist
Winter Night's Dawn c. K. Schifano

Impact Artists Gallery held a satellite exhibit at Wine On Third, Niagara Falls. These two oil paintings were on display in January through the middle of February, the colors and mood of these paintings were perfect for the patrons braving the weather. Other artists contributed landscapes, still lifes, portraits and abstracts, for a very interesting variety compared to their usual one person exhibits. 

That Impact show was followed by an exhibit of work for the NACC auction fundraiser on March 15. I donated a painting to the show, a small salmon colored Amaryllis in a lovely gold carved frame. Go there!

Kath Schifano, grapes, vineyard, oil paint grapes
Coomer Road Concords, c. K.Schifano
Winter Night's Dawn, 30x20, oil 
Coomer Road Concords, 20x16, oil 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An indoor study

Kath Schifano. tall flower picture, white flower painting
Nearly finished, 'Fresh Orchids'

Ah, February, it hasn't had a thaw yet and it is too frigid to paint outdoors. 

Contemporary realist painter,  Thomas Kegler held a one day workshop in still life painting at Partners in Art, North Tonawanda, and I joined for a day out and some inspiration. I had attended his workshop two years ago and was intrigued by his use of glazes, especially on a finished painting.

At that time, I had a spray of orchids which I carefully protected on the frigid drive to East Aurora. For this workshop, I hunted around for a similar subject and found this cymbidium plant. My plan was to create the same size and subject to create a pair of pictures. Now that I have them home together I see the difference two years of painting-and thinking-can be. Yes, it is a pair and I hope they stay together.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

5/5 days of the Facebook artists challenge.

The last day of 5 in this FB painters challenge.
As much as I love water and am tempted to post waterfall paintings from the Adirondacks, I spent this beautiful day enjoying fresh snow and sunshine in my yard. The art lesson is to paint what you know, so I chose my outdoors for the final day. Thank you, Frances Gaffney for the nomination, we need to paint together soon, this was fun and a bit of a challenge to post daily. Breaking the rules I post 4, and nominate some more. Marcus L Wise, you generously support so many artists, Dave Borkenhagen you share my love of water, and Kathy McDonnell painter of landscapes: I hope you three rise to the challenge, post 3 artworks a day for 5 days and nominate another artist each day.

1. Behind the Pool, plein air oil 11x14
2. Fall Back, 25x19 pastel
3. Rainbow Spring, 24x20 oil
4. Didn't Miss Fall plein air pastel 16x20

Fall painting, tree picture, kathy schifano

Fall painting, tree picture, kathy schifano

Spring trees, Kath Schifano, oil paint trees
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Fall painting, tree picture, kathy schifano