Monday, February 6, 2017

New art show at the Memorial Library

Last fall I was asked to consult on the purchases of a hanging system for the Grand Island Memorial Library. It would be freestanding and the committee had already investigated various systems. All I had to do was suggest taller displays and a new configuration, considering the 3d space they would occupy. The library is a large open space and the art displays would be between the stacks and the reading room, equally available to viewing from all directions.

The display arrived and the staff has considered moving them a bit from the original plan, realizing that the artwork should be central and the stands adjacent to each other. A local artist shows a variety of paintings for this inaugural show.

I am invited to hang my paintings at the end of February and have chosen local Grand Island scenes to show my neighbors as they check out books, join meetings and bring their children to events. The local paintings will include views of our two state parks in all seasons as well as some area landmarks. I hope that other opportunities to show my work there will feature Niagara Falls, flowers, ocean views or travel paintings.

Staying creative with jewelry

A box of nostalgic family costume jewelry sat in the basement for entirely too long. Some of the 'better' pieces had been claimed by cousins, but Martha's well loved collection was still waiting for a purpose. She never left the house without a necklace and earrings, a pin on every jacket echoed the colors of her outfits. 

A bit of research to find the perfect glue for metal and plastic and a few weeks on the work table helped these three compositions create themselves out of the myriad of jewel boxes. Each includes a single gaudy Christmas tree, some tiny angels, loose pearls and love. Now mounted under glass in display frames and ready to display, they are going to the homes of her three granddaughters.

I haven't painted during the process but I felt creative and 'charmed' throughout the production of these new family heirlooms.