Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Return to Texas

Fascinated by the Bottlebrush tree, I had to go back to Texas to see it in full bloom this year.

Well, no, actually we went to visit Robin, Jeremy & the Houston Museum of Art [great Afghanistan treasures show], and I used their front door sidelights as a frame & tried the annual Bottlebrush painting from a chair indoors. I was only a few feet away, but it was seen through the glass.
Next, I sat out on the back deck bench & caught shadows of light on the path & fence. I was in full shade myself & just relished the heat as the day warmed up. Little lizards watched from the ferns nearby. Unfortunately, I had to place my palette on the left side & reach over myself. Every time I do that I say 'never again!'-it is a workout for my right shoulder so I tend to paint the bristles dry.
Spring Geranium 11x14 oil 2009
Bottlebrush 2009 7x5

Mini painting

At the end of a vacation trailer park in Sanford, FL there is an area to be developed which has a paved road, picnic benches & a bridge which I was painting. 'The Red Bridge' took two days to complete & on the second morning I arrived too early for the correct lighting, so I turned to the south & captured the sun coming over the trees in the breeze. This is really tiny-almost as small as an index card. The canvas has a rough texture which emphasized each stroke & made it hard to photograph until it was drier & no longer shiny.

Turnaround oil 4x6 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New paintings

2 little paintings & a bigger landscape, all completed, just waiting for their photo-ops. Now I am preparing more canvases for the plein air season & two planned studio house portraits. Will post soon!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Studio challenge in January

In the warm weather I always paint outside, but I also take A LOT of photographs. This past year I collected images of waves and water in a variety of weather & places. This is a great tumble of water before going over the American Falls, painted from a photo taken from the Niagara Falls State Park pedestrian bridge. This is entirely studio work, carefully rendered as opposed to the speedy plein aires which are painted on location under various uncontrollable conditions of wind, weather & tourists.
Rapids Up Close 16x20 oil 2009

Painting around Sanford

Two plein air images have finally dried enough to take pictures. Oil on wet paintings tends to reflect available light & create reflections. The bridge & creek was a morning piece, near a campground turnaround, while the second was a speed painting at sunset. Both are from the Florida painting trip to visit Sharon Muldoon in February.

The Red Bridge 11x14 oil 2009
Depot Sunset 11x14 oil 2009