Saturday, December 5, 2020

Finally Paintng at Knox Farm State Park

Knox Farm is a fairly new state park, in East Aurora, New York. This was the Knox family home and farm. That's the family of the original Albright Knox Museum and former owners of the Buffalo Sabres. It was a perfect day to wander before I painted, there were so many directions to face, buildings and fences, paddocks, gardens, and fields. I eventually returned from my walk and chose this view which is near the parking lot and the car. 

My painting has a LOT of sky, actually too much, and I wasn't about to add birds or storm clouds that I dd not see.  However, I was asked if the image could be 'borrowed' for the park's Facebook page and omitting some of the sky to fit the circle worked well. Next time I will spend more time on my planning and hold the canvas horizontal for a scene like this.

It's always an honor to see my work used, one way or another. As I recall, the hills and distance beyond the buildings were part of the attraction to me, it felt like we were closer to the sky. I will go back.