Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some days are really special!

Forever Young Magazine

Click the link to read the May issue article by Anthony Chabala about my plein air. It started from a press release sent to Buffalo Spree about the upcoming show. It was referred to Forever Young Magazine & between interview questions & my website he developed this article.
Just one correction---the exhibit will be up all month! Join me at the artist's reception on Friday May 8, 5-7 pm. Quaker Bonnet is on Allen Street between Elmwood & Delaware.

What is more amazing is that they chose my picture for the cover! This is from their website, as I have not seen it on paper yet.

Albright Knox Area Artist Exhibit

Today this studio painting was selected for 2009 Area Artist Exhibit at the Albright Knox. It seemed like a long time from the application process announcement until the final decision. Previously, this show was juried by invitation. Artists brought their work-maximum two-to the Museum for jurying, and received a phone call about works selected or declined. This year required a green online entry; less gas & time, but by applying a bit earlier, it seemed a long wait. There will be a reception May 15th with the exhibiting artists. It's an honor to be selected & the work at the show is an area artist who's who  to me. I'm pleased to be included!
5 Apples & the Light,  oil 22x28  2008

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Monica

It doesn't snow much in central New Jersey, but this house portrait documents the 2009 snow forever.  Not dry enough to travel this week, but here it is, finished.

Shirley said 'White house' oil 11x14 2009

Not quite Mutt & Jeff

The dogs have landed. Now whose tongue hangs out on which side, & what kind of ears belong on the left?  My photo has a glare-from the white van reflection on the glass. Do I need to go back there & check or what? (I know they will still be in this position) I think shorty is done. Picture is almost finished but still very wet.
I'm fishing for comments!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Days

freezing painting, Kathy Schifano, Sharon FundalinskiPlein Air season is officially ON! Too cold to stand in the wind blowing over still frozen Lake Erie, I set my French Easel in the windbreak created by the car & gained extra space. Hats with earflaps, cozy scarf & SIX layers plus an apron made it possible to paint in 'Elevator Alley', South Buffalo. Sharon Fundalinski had settled into a chair behind a breakwall to paint the same scene from a different vantage point, but it was time for lunch in this picture. It was so cold that the oils were like glue on the palette, only 40 degrees, but the wind was, well, just plain cold.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Studio nights

Late & quiet nights find me listening to music & working on this house portrait-some of the earlier parts are starting to dry, so I can layer details-window sashes, shading, brickwork. Robin went over & took two more photos for me, one of the soffit, another of the peaks. Most everything will be covered by the majestic pine & leaves, but, as in life, the building will stand strong behind & between the branches. Mostly I want the door to dry a little so I can put in the dogs!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Texas portrait in progress

Although I have my own daily progress records [such an ed. term!] for many studio paintings, I rarely post them. You can click on the subject 'artist process' or 'rose' on the right side to see one. There is a round painting of a rose, published last year here, but since this is such a 'long distance' portrait I have decided to publish it as it evolves. These represent two sittings, the light seems different because  there is daylight on the second photo. No matter how true spectrum my bulbs are, the camera is not fooled & warms the images. Yes, it is a peachy sort of background. Love that Texas sunlight.
Still working the title-Return to Green Castle?, Robin's view? Two Patient Buddies?[no!] The Smith castle/residence/home? Titles write themselves, this one is to be determined.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Facebook reflection

I had been asked why I was not on Facebook many times, so I finally broke down & made a page. My friends list is expanding quickly, as Facebook intends, & each new contact or old friend is precious to me. The world seems to be huddled around keyboards, twittering & commenting, which actually keeps us in touch. It's a thrill to see photos of old friends on other pages, & even better when someone finds me.

Made me realize that some of you get this blog as single posts when I put them up. So I am asking a favor. 

On a real computer, not blackberrys & ipods, go to my [this] complete blog & check it out. Click on a post & make a comment if you want. I just posted a visitor map here, & am interested in seeing a few red dots! Actually, I also want you to see all my images together--is this an art blog, or an on line journal? This blog has no automatic ties to others, so it is anonymous unless I make an effort to share it. 
So, part 2, send someone else to see my blog as well! It's free & will make me happy to see a few red dots happen in some new places!
What's the address?