Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Whirlpool State Park Painting

plein air, Whirlpool park, k SchifanoThis first painting is only 3x5, the size of an index card. I painted this when I arrived in the morning, the light was coming from the left as I stood well up on the hill overlooking the lower Niagara gorge at Whirlpool State Park. 
This photo shows my [ incomplete ] 2nd painting of the same scene in progress. Working larger, in the late morning to afternoon light, the shadows have nearly reversed, the colors are flatter in full sun and even the dramatic old Whirlpool bridge has lost its brilliant glow of morning. Having finished both of the same scene, it is hard to believe that they are the same place on the same day.
Shadow on the Whirlpool, 8x10 oil

Turning around from my easel, the colors of Spring and dense shadows on the ground were tempting me to try a third painting....but the second one had to be completed before I retrieved a new panel. By then, my bones wanted to sit in the soft seat of the car and go home. I will try to remember to come back here next Spring to find another spot and perhaps capture the trees in flower.

Painting For Preservation

As a plein air painter, I have some unique opportunities to meet people, make artistic statements and work in new places. On May 4, the Painting for Preservation group met at 54 North Street in Buffalo to paint this relic and bring attention to the possibilities for rehabbing. For decades, it was the home of a radio station, it was also a gift shop with the most memorable gardens out front. Vacant for too many years now, there are still hyacinths and tulips popping up in the yard and the fancy brickwork, although painted, is still dramatic.
Shadows of History, pen, c. 2013

painting for Preservation

painting for Preservation
Just a few blocks away, East Utica Street has a row of large Victorians, well kept for a hundred years, but now vacant and succumbing to the elements. Various artists met there on May 14, another beautiful Spring day in Buffalo, drawing friendly visitors, children and neighbors.

Angles of History, pen c. 2013

These two drawings, as well as a pastel and oil series of my grain elevator paintings and other P4P works are displayed at a group show at CJ Jung Center on Franklin Street in Buffalo through the summer.
Some of the painters, neighbors and visitors on Utica Street.