Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tugs at Elevator Alley

Last summer we [Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters] painted near 'elevator alley', a series of waterways leading to various grain elevators in South Buffalo. We always seem to have a good time there with nearby geese floating & fishing, an occasional kayak, in a generally quiet neighborhood hidden near Ohio Street.
As I recently sorted files of paintings, I realized that I have chosen to paint boats of various sizes many times, but have especially selected tugs when they appear. These two are usually moored here, I don't know if they are city owned or their names and have asked around for the information.
Last week I was privileged to be invited on the antique Buffalo fireboat 'Cotter' for the 2010 BoomDays celebration at the Peace Bridge. The firehoses were aimed to create huge arcs of Niagara River water saluting the bi-national event while a huge orange ball was hurled over the edge of the Peace Bridge by the mayors of Buffalo & Erie. Needless to say, there is no dry spot on a fireboat squirting in all directions so I hunkered in with the captain. I brought art supplies but besides a pile of photos, all I did was sketch the prow.
Tugs at Elevator Alley, pastel 11x15 2009

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Map is Less Red?

My normal 'cluster map', shown below the links on the right panel of this page details visits from various countries to this blog. Just when I determined that the reds were starting to connect the map was archived. The large dots from my previous map is shown here. Still waiting for the 'China connection', although the previous long list had shown visits from countries that I had nearly forgotten.
I particularly like the red visit dots from Pacific island viewers!

New look at my website

Updated the website recently with Jeremy in Houston. This is the new Home page image, assembled by Carl. Comments are welcome & encouraged! You can comment below or directly to me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Market Sreet Art Center BNAA show

Market Street Art Center in Lockport is host for the Buffalo Niagara Art Association 2010 Spring show this month. Everyone was pleased with the strength and range of the work which filled the downstairs gallery.

It's hard to choose when a snow painting should be displayed! After winter, I look for light & bright & colors like green, but in Fall, I thought the snow looked so 'last year'. I was determined to show this view of Huth Road from our upstairs window & it was mighty cold when I sent the application last month. It was downright hot when I delivered it last week, & perfectly lovely today for the opening reception. I now believe there is no right time for a snow picture, just enjoy the colors & composition. Long trunk shadows are created by streetlights, so they are the same all year long--but sometimes with leaves.

I adapted this scene from photographs I shot before dawn last March as the light started to change. We had a late snowstorm which silently continued all night & it was truly lovely even after a long winter. Then it took two long months to paint in my studio. This March there was no snow at all following a rather mild winter season.

The second painting in the show is a pastel, 'Not a Lift Bridge on the Erie Canal', showing a section of the canal near Widewater in Lockport.

Winter's night Dawn 36x24, oil 2009