Sunday, January 21, 2018

Keep the cookies in the cookie jar

I took this drawing from a product design website after I finished my cookie jar painting (below). Before I painted I had made several drawings and had a bit of a challenge to figure out the extension on the lid, it dipped a bit and stuck out, but the plastic didn't hold light or shadow to create the form correctly. I certainly could not attempt a painting until I solved a drawing, but I eventually did. 

The top in the illustration might have helped me see the differences in the shapes.

Whatever. The cookies tasted particularly good, but after we had eaten some of them I saw a painting. Another kitchen item was moved upstairs to the studio for a few days. The first time someone asked "What happened to Elizabeth's cookies?" (my niece had baked and brought them in the jar for Christmas) I was tempted to say "What cookies?"

This crazy shaped, tilted top cookie jar is preserved forever in paint and the contents were delicious. Perhaps this will be next year's Christmas card.

cookies in a jar. nut balls

She Brought Cookies, 10x7 on oil paper c.2018

Fall Harvest Sideline

I enjoy slicing, peeling, seeding and cooking fresh vegetables in various combinations, but mostly eating the products of my kitchen time. 
I happened to have an abundance of fresh vegetables on the counter when I noticed an interesting composition with a giant German Red garlic bulb right about the time I had a hankering to push some  oil paint around. The bright red basket usually holds our Christmas cards and was temporarily commandeered to keep the squash and tomatoes. I considered rearranging things but decided the natural grouping was already good. The basket went with me straight to the studio after I added some refrigerated blackberries on the left for balance.
Days later,  the acorn squash tasted particularly good, maybe spending a week in the art room before cooking gave it some extra flavor. I know I am always better after my time in the studio!

Winter Vegetable Basket, oil 9x12 c.2017
Winter Vegetable Basket, Kath Schifano

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

An interesting development

When I saw clear bags in an email from Judson Art I clicked the link to see if the prices and package sizes would suit my needs. They did! But a few days later I received an email from apologizing for using the image of my painting in their advertising without giving me credit.

Oh my, I saw the ad but didn't notice my own painting! 

I said no problem just add my name in the future. The email reply was "whew!"  Apparently someone else had taken a big offense in the past or they misjudged me as a typical New Yorker who would be litigation happy. Nope, not me. If you click the link, you will see the ad and a credit that I painted it.

The painting is "Sunflowers From the Porch"