Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Smallest Gallery in WNY (716) GAL-LERY

This vintage phone booth turned art gallery was an exhibition from April through July 28. The booth was rescued from NYC and the fan, door and lights all work, just as I remember from the corner store decades ago growing up. All of these tiny paintings were transported to Hydraulic Hearth in a medium size basket. 

The phone played 'Starry, Starry Night' in honor of Van Gogh, the original renegade impressionist. 
This press release ran weekly in the Buffalo News Gusto magazine until the end of the exhibit.

Finally, in the third year.

large flower painting, buds,
Peony Bliss, oil c.2019

Two seasons of Peonies were necessary to finish this 30”x20” oil. It started as an ambitious Plein air, but blooms opened and light changed faster than I could paint. The following year I used fresh flowers as models. This year I varnished and ordered a frame. Finally 3 years later it will be off the floor and finished.

Peony Bliss, oil on canvas panel 30x20 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Niagara On the Lake

Ontario painting, street scene, kschifano

Summer days are perfect for painting in WNY. A shady spot, a chair and easel out of the way of walkers and a decent view are all that I hope for when we head out. On this day, we crossed the Rainbow bridge to Canada and headed north about 20 miles.

It was quiet in Niagara On the Lake, Ontario when we arrived but by the time we left crowds were filling the shops and walkways. We heard lovely comments from people  peeking over the hedges we had settled by. A patch of grass near a tree along a part of the road with no parking makes for another beautiful memory.

The Centopath. NOTL, 9x12 oil on birch. C.2019

Van Gogh in Houston

Is this a familiar scene? Vincent Van Gogh painted his bedroom at Arles several times during the last two years of his life. At the Museum of Fine Arts, in Houston recently, an interactive display allowed children and adults to experience his paintings life size and 3-d. Copies of his easels and drawing boards, hands on activities and video all engaged us after seeing a huge collection of his works in the museum. Paintings and drawings loaned from other museums that I had seen only in books were simply breathtaking. Travel for me involves seeing art and doing some, too.

A Festival of Plein Air

I’ll be painting here with many other artists, probably near the pond and bridge at the east side of the park. If it rains, find me near the log cabin...or working from my car!