Monday, March 25, 2013

Schifano-Simons paint adventure

small plein air, Schifano Kath
 I am not the only artist here. As I captured the majestic towering palm in a neighbor's yard on my little canvas panel, Amelia joined me to enjoy the shade on the deck and paint the afternoon away. Her watercolors were full of life and expression, the composition was beautifully and naturally arranged and we sure did have a good time, alone with our art, together with our experiences.

I was working to make the picture show the light and breeze of the afternoon and the camera recorded a better view of this palm than my painting did! My painting is a bit less bright and sunny than the picture in the next post, but the day and the memory are perfect.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Painting Houston in the Spring

Azaleas are bright and beautiful in Houston in March, this lovely home caught my eye as we drove by. Fortunately there is a shade tree across the street so I was able to plein air paint there. When I went close to the azaleas the pink blooms were as large as roses and glowing in the southern sun. The pines were giants, scattered on the property providing shade and majesty to the pretty corner home that welcomes you to a lovely established neighborhood.

I did a little more work on this after the photo was taken, some shadows and lights on the lawn and trees, straightened a few lines and details on the building. This painting was too wet to travel as I really piled paint onto the azalea hedges and my white is a very pokey dryer. Since I will return to work through my "must paint around Houston" list in the fall I left the wet canvas on Robin's mantel, and it looks pretty nice up there! I will have several dry paintings ready to varnish then.

oil painting, k Schifano
There are no giant towering hardwood shade trees in Houston like we have up north, but the various palms and fruit trees are delightful to see and do create shade. This palm was way above the house across the street, just waving in the breeze and capturing the light. I painted this little panel from a comfy deck chair with 3 year old Amelia painting with watercolors beside me. We had a lovely afternoon together until she decided her bubble lawnmower should go down the slide and painting was interrupted. 

March Azaleas, 8x10 oil 2013
Afternoon Shade, 5x7 oil 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Painting Grand Island

Too cold and gloomy to paint out,  I have just finished painting a studio commission. This is another one of those 'surprise' paintings that I say I won't do anymore. Surreptitious drive-bys with my camera balanced on the edge of the car window just makes me paranoid, someday a wary homeowner will send an officer after me. "But officer, I just want to paint that house, not rob it!' 

Fortunately Malynda got into the spirit of the commission and gave me a variety of photos of different times and details. The look of Spring here is completely contrived as we started the planning after leaves fell and frost-or snow-was abundant. Her beautiful labs are near the front door in their usual positions, sitting and lounging.

The title refers to the windows, lamps and especially the two dogs by the front steps. 12 x 18 oil

Lights of our Life, oil 12x18 on board c. 2013