Monday, May 18, 2015

#28 and 29 of 30 paintings in 30 days

'Seagulls, Swifts and Spring' started as a study of the posts and water reflections while I waited for the light and shadows to change on the bridge. 'Niagara Painters' were meeting at the new little park at the base of the North Grand Island bridges and I had assumed that the bridge would be in my painting. The water was quite smooth in the morning and the soft and muted colors of a spring morning were hard to resist. This is the bigger one, I also painted a mini, only 2x2 of the same place.

My sweet tooth was calling, I wanted a decadent cupcake from the trendy new cupcake store on Whitehaven Road. I didn't get there, but Tops had a 4 pack so I could go home and eat one, Carl had one, then we split a third one. I grabbed the last, perched it on a pretty plate and as I headed to the studio I bumped it and 'Oops, there is the title' came to mind.

'Seagulls, Swifts and Spring' 9.5x12.5 oil on paper, c. 2015
'Oops on Bone China', 5x7 on wood panel, c.2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

30 in 30 days, # 27 Red Boat at the Cherry Blossom Fest

I was originally inspired to paint two lovely boats, one pink and the other red, but they would not stay still. Free rides on Mirror Lake kept them busy all morning until one of the guides took a break, leaving this red boat modeling for me.  This was during Saturday's Cherry Blossom Festival in Buffalo, NY.

There seems to be tree tilt here and there really is, I'm not sure if it is wind blown or the trees are aiming for the water. This garden was established in 1970 and they are actively promoting it, planting new trees, gardens and upgrading the walks. It already was lovely!

Red Boat and Cherry Blossoms. 9.5x12.5 oil on Carton, c.2015

30 in 30 days, #26 Japanese Sculpture

For 9 days the Buffalo History Museum's Japanese Garden is now glowing with cherry blossoms and the 2nd festival to celebrate friendship between the two nations. 

Last year I painted this from a similar location but it was raining and the buds had not emerged on the trees yet. This was a spectacular Spring day, but cool next to the still cold water. Stepping back 10-15 feet was quite a bit warmer. I plan to return next week to paint the trees with leaves, perhaps a close up of cherry blossoms is on my list, too! Hoping for no breezes across the still cool Mirror Lake.

30 days of painting practice has really warmed up my painting skills and am quite pleased with how this little jewel turned out. 

Japanese Sculpture, 5x7 oil on canvas panel, c. 2015 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

30 in 30 days, # 25, Blocks

childrens toys
These 3 blocks have been around for years. WHere is the rest of the alphabet? There was a flat truck, four wheels and a pull cord, why do I have just 3?

I am pleased with the final image. The blocks were painted first with nearly pure pigments, each primary stained a different white bristle brush. Permanently. I stopped using my best Rosemary brushes for this project because of the abuse I dole out...leaving a painting and dirty brushes for hours to do errands or even overnight because I have finished or I just walk away to eat. Brushes generally last me forever as I had pretty good clean up skills and need to get back to them!

These were on my work tabletop, with gloss white paper on the surface and I could see both shadows and reflections of the blocks. Again, FUN! Interested? Click here to email me. $65

'Down Side Up' 5x7, oil on canvas panel c.2015

30 in 30 days, #24 Niagara River Boat Slips

Kathy Schifano, Niagara artist, 30 in 30 days, Joseph Barbaro
This is a pre plan for a larger painting. I had wanted to paint a scene similar to this for a while, I decided to make the next one in a rectangle format and laid in the background and basic shapes. I stopped for lunch and when I returned the wind had picked up, my palette wanted to fly away with the paint mixtures, the mast of my box was shaking and the larger image was started on Arches Huile, which is flexible.

Working next to the Niagara River can be hazardous at times.Most of the dock pilings are crooked to start with, but it was ridiculous to try to finish there and then. This is the painting of the day and the other will have to wait. No boats were in the water yet, it is still early in the season for boating, but I bet it fills up in the next week or two.
'Waiting for Boats' 3x3", oil on stretched canvas (with bug) c. 2015

30 in 30 days, #23 paint tubes

small art picture, squeezed tubes
Some questionable paint tubes [too dry or duplicates]were set aside and I started fiddling with them while watching birds in my tree. It made me decide what to paint today. Unfortunately, the arrangement was on my 'active' palette, where I was mixing colors for these daily paintings. I used every bit of exposed surface to mix my paints for this picture and could have used a little bit more as my palette is quite small. I really need to do more thinking and planning before starting these pictures.

If you are interested in this painting, click here to email me. $65

'Put Paint, Not Tubes on the Palette', 5x7 oil on canvas panel, c.2105

30 in 30 days, #22, FP Horse

Kathy Schifano
He was always called 'The Horse' and didn't have another name, but he still whinneys when you move the reins. Fisher Price stopped making that wonderful horse sound a few years after we got The Horse and I still can't imagine why. No child has ever been startled or afraid, perhaps an adult or two objected to the constant sound from a child's delight. The tray on the bottom is perfect for carrying blocks, which are coming soon.

Interested, click here to email me. $65
'Let's Go For A Ride', 6x6 oil on canvas panel c. 2015