Tuesday, August 25, 2020

This photograph is close to where I stood for the next picture, my 'downtown painting day'.

With so much to see and interpret, I am amazed how much I did include. This was drawn and painted from the back of my car, I use the open trunk to provide myself some shade.

 Under the Skyway 6x8" pen and watercolor ©2020

Two Trips to the outer Harbor of Buffalo

Paulette Jurek suggested painting at RCR Boatyard this summer. I was overwhelmed on arrival by the expansive vista, boats, buildings, rusted infrastructure to the south, the water on both sides, city skyline and trains. I decided to draw with ink and color in with watercolor on this first visit but planned to return.

'Buffalo Smells Like Cheerios', 8x6 pen and watercolor ©2020

Two days later I came back with pastels to work larger. Here is the initial underpainting, when there are only shapes laid in.
My view, there is a bit of city hall behind the central buttress. I put it into my painting.

Route 5 Meets Buffalo, 12x16 pastel on Pastelbord   ©2020

Monday, August 24, 2020

Adirondack Plein Air Festival

After months of Covid 19 lock down, I was crushed to have my acceptance and first appearance at this prestigious outdoor competition cancelled. However, it was changed to a virtual exhibit, so the artists who could come to the park had three weeks to paint alone and submit their work digitally. With the gracious hospitality of a good friend available, I quarantined before my trip. No way would I want to bring the evil virus to the pristine air of the Adirondack Park. A five hour drive there was liberating after being mostly cooped up since early March. I relished the pine air, clear skies and dramatic mountains. I didn’t see any other painters and we all missed the celebrations, dinners, client parties and seeing each other's Art. But I painted in the mountains and found great joy there. These are my three submissions. 

'Pine Carpet in the High Peaks, (Keene)’ 9x12 pastel. A high altitude view of other mountains. 
‘Adirondack Rocks', 16x12, pastel painted during the heavy rains of hurricane Isias-from a porch
'North of North Creek', 10x20 oil. The water is the Hudson, way up where it starts

Three good examples from a great summer gallery show

The Artists Group Gallery show, "Twenty Minutes From Everywhere" features images of the Buffalo area by three artists working in Plein air. Carol Case Siracuse's dramatic watercolors and ink, Karen Foegen’s dreamy oils as well as paintings in oil and pastel by me fill both rooms of the gallery. Sure hope you went to see the show! See these three, framed and properly displayed in this exhibition curated by Donald Siuta until August 28. 

'Hermit Falls in May', 9x12 pastel. This is the waterfall right at the first bridge at Three Sisters Islands

'Ancient Dancers in Springtime', cherry trees in bloom during the History Museum festival 12x16 pastel

'Under the Horseshoe' 11x14 pastel, before framing in a very lovely frame


Three artists Paint one scene. Sort of.