Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Gala at Buffalo History Museum

Two of my paintings found new homes with new collectors.
An annual fundraising gala for the Buffalo History Museum features a limited number of original artworks in live and silent auctions. The Museum appreciates the participation of artists and offers them complementary admission to the gala and a fair portion of the proceeds. By paying the artists for their work we recover our expenses and willingly donate. 
'The Day Before the Light' lighthouse is a 20x16 oil. It was painted from the Buffalo marina and on the following day a new lamp was installed in the top. I read that in the newspaper.

It was sold by live auction, I was astounded seeing it enlarged on the screen for the audience in the auditorium. It held up to my scrutiny. More impressive was the number of bidders for it and we watched in awe as the price went way over my list.

'The Japanese Garden' is a pastel, 11x14. I delivered it late so it was in the silent auction section. Four people stood around the display near the end of bidding which kept others from seeing it and raising the bids. They had already raised their offer several times. It was nice to meet them (winners, of course) and hear how much they wanted and loved my picture. It was made just the previous week behind the museum.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Smallest Gallery in Western New York, maybe the whole state!

A retro phone booth is Buffalo’s most interesting gallery space, and in this setting I have 38 paintings on display. I titled it 'Local Calls, Grand Plans' because small paintings are often springboards to larger compositions. Most of these were made for this particular exhibit.

(716)GAL-LERY was named after the address, 716 Swan Street in Larkinville at Hydraulic Hearth. On the other side there is a sticker machine. You can put quarters in to get a handful of my paintings made into stickers, or just ask for the printed postcards. I heard if you address a postcard that it will be mailed for you!

Just a few paintings are displayed on the seat wall of the gallery as you can sit and use the phone. Well, you can listen to it, as it plays 'Starry, Starry Night' a tribute song to Vincent Van Gogh. 

So thrilled to be showing my work here. Open daily at 4 and the contemporary menu food available in the front is delicious, and the staff is super friendly.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Another weekend and more Blossoms.

Stately trees of various types of cherry blossoms fill the hill, marching from the museum to the edge of the lake. This is a view from the north path of some majestic older trunks.

Petals softly cover the lawns, turning the ground pink, fascinating children and adults. Picnics in the breeze have a little extra flavoring from the falling petals. I love the look of dappled sunlight on the petals.

From the south path with a bit of the building's stone wall along the path.

Ancient Dancers in May 11x14 pastel
The Japanese Garden 11x14 pastel

Two Cherry Blossom weekends

Cherry Blossom Season lasts just a few days...or a few weeks depending on the weather. The first painting here shows a tree that flowers early, a week before the official festival event. Crisp cool days and light bright sun makes this 12”x4” gallery panel glow with the promise of colors to come.

A week later and the flowers are in full bloom. The classic facade of the building is even more beautiful framed by this branch in full bloom with even more buds to come. Visitors crowded the park taking family photos, boat rides on Mirror Lake, graduation pics and picnicking. Many Japanese families wore stunning traditional embroidered silk garments and elaborate headdresses for photos. It was misty and there were slight showers but no one was deterred. I had to stop when the oil paint was sliding on the wet panel.

Early Blossoms, 12x4 oil 
Cherry Blossoms in the Mist, 9x12 oil