Sunday, November 27, 2011

Niagara Holiday Market

Downtown Niagara Falls has a new look, the Holiday Market is blooming, the ice is ready for your skating and there is a tree lighting every night. On black Friday Carl & I went to the market, I had delivered some art there on Wednesday and the carpenters were still assembling walls and installing windows and doors. On Friday it was still in progress, but many of the shops were open and doing a lot of business, the crowds were amazing.

464 Gallery has a double sized white tent-with heat-and they are carrying a number of my printed works, framed and in mats, calendars and cards. I plan to restock some things this week and expand the number of framed prints on the wall. The original Gallery is located at 464 Amherst Street in Buffalo, so this annex will be a whole new adventure for my Niagara Falls friends. Don't forget to stop in, come back to the market several times and shop these small businesses!

Fall Painting

Lower Mountain Road Fields
A recent NFPAP paint out was on a lovely and mild Fall day with our organizer and chief, Joan Shaw, at her home.  If I lived there with her flower and vegetable gardens, neighboring barns and vineyards, out buildings and fields then I wouldn't ever run out of subjects to paint. In previous years I had tackled the crooked old tree, some barns and her studio which was formerly a barn. A group of us gathered underneath her comfy cowshed to paint. It kept the bright light off our work, but also we were out of the breeze and possible rain, yet close enough to keep up the artist chatter..'did you see that rabbit, look at the color of that shadow, there aren't many birds today, this yellow just isn't working for me.'

I sketch before painting and chose to make a small painted sketch before I used large canvas. My first little picture was horizontal and it was a bit overcast. I became interested in the distance, where a field appeared to continue between some clumps of trees. By the time I started the taller painting, the light had brightened, there was more light on the fall trees and I was in painter heaven.

Halfway Down The Ridge
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Lower Mountain Road Fields 7x5 oil 2011
Halfway Down the Ridge 5x7 oil 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Open Art Studio 2011

My 4th open studio is coming up next weekend, the busiest art weekend of the year in WNY, lots of shows and gallery walks, big shopping opportunities all over. I have prepared my studio with new shelves, they are just 4" deep so I can stand paintings and easily move them around, artwork has been up and perfect for a few days and I am ready to start moving them already.

I am planning on showing the Adirondack series all together downstairs, they are framed and waiting for set-up on Thursday, my big gallery wall is now full of Niagara scenes and I love seeing them all together. This photo is from 2010 Open Art Studio, everything is different this time!

2010 Open Art Studio View
Find an hour next Friday or Saturday and join me, there will be cookies and my special fudge.
1575 Huth Road
Grand Island, NY