Saturday, July 31, 2010

Picture Postcard!

Summer is TOO busy-but so much fun. We go to many gallery openings that include our work or to see artworks by others, but this was a particularly special show. My painting was selected for the postcard, and you can see both sides here.

The opening was spectacular-and crowded-and the work submitted under the theme 'Garden Mystique' was varied & interesting. Doreen DeBoth at Artsphere Studio & Gallery hangs this show to coincide with the Buffalo Garden Walk. Each year it is better and more inclusive of art forms, so I am doubly pleased to have been selected to grace the invitation. Marcus had openings across the street at Gallery 464 and Blink, so Amherst Street was hopping happy with art, music & people.

Shadow on the Pulpit, oil on canvas 30x15 2008 [Postcard]

Back to Glen Park in Williamsville

Last month, on a 'threatening to be rainy' day, I returned to Mill Falls in Williamsville, NY. I had planned to paint the waterfall to capture the power of that falls from a different angle. However, trees & brush were quite heavily filled in compared to the earlier visit; my view was blocked.

I noticed & studied this nearby area of white water when I had painted there in the Spring. The ominous gray weather gave the underwater rocks more definition, so I parked myself on the edge of the walk & used just 2 large brushes. I had been reading & researching about artists' processes recently & was influenced by some of the old masters.

I am pleased with the results....each stroke is deliberate. The colors were mostly premixed. Middle values determined the darker & lighter values. Thinking about how I wanted this to look abstract without losing the quality of fast water was important to the process.

Finishing this painting, the rain started-in great big plops that soon turned to buckets. Fortunately the car was parked nearby & it didn't get my french easel or painting too wet. The wet easel story is saved for another day's post about 'Rock of Ages'.

Noise, oil 16x20 2010

A Weekend in Artpark

My painting group, Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters, will be at Artpark in Lewiston this weekend for a very public paint out. We will start around the lower level parking lot, but will probably start moving around the park as inspiration guides us! It is also the Wine & Culinary Festival and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing Beethoven on the indoor stage.
I'll be painting near my white tent 12-8 on Saturday & 12-6 Sunday, trying to make up for a lot of painting days missed this summer for all sorts of ridiculous reasons. Since I will be there for two days I am bringing several large canvases, with hope that I can find the perfect compositions & the right size canvas to push the paint around on.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winter projects need Summer varnish

It takes about 6 months for oil paint to dry thoroughly, so I have been varnishing & framing artwork from Fall & Winter recently, but neither project is helped by the recent heat. It turns out that I often select paintings to work with, take a nice seat & then watch the birds or start to read.

When I began to frame this winter painting I had a burst of cool air as the ice at the horseshoe falls blew off the picture. It was pretty cold in the mist so this is not a plein air-I took a series of photographs and made the painting in my studio with the wind on my mind. Kath Schifano is not that dedicated or crazy enough to try this outdoors!

The walking area here is closed in the winter, those tall viewfinders are buried under several feet of ice. Not in this painting, the only way to see them in January is to know they are there-making small bumps buried under the huge, deep ice sheet.

It's aptly named for it's mammoth dangers as well as the Winter Olympics were held during my studio adventure with ice. You only get one try when you slide on this hill.

Olympic Ice, oil 12x24 2010