Monday, April 27, 2015

30 in 30 days, #21 Monica's wares.

shawl painting, little painting, Knox Farm State Park, Kath Schifano
There is no way this painting shows the elegance and distinctive quality of the fabrics and yarns that Monica Sheusi White creates with dyes, silk, wool, alpaca and needles. We shared a room at the Knox Farm Art Fest this past weekend and I tried to keep up with my 30 paintings in 30 day challenge by painting on location, the lovely window view was mostly blocked, but the colors and textures of Monica's textiles also demanded some attention. Yup, I am crazy, the crowds kept rolling through and I had to put my painting in progress and tiny paintbox under the table so many times to talk to clients. Meanwhile, the merchandise on her display kept changing as people discovered her beautiful creations. I am blessed to be her friend and to share our love of creative endeavors, whatever the medium.
 Click here to contact me. $65 unframed

Painting Monica's Canvas, 5x7 oil on canvas board, c. 2015

30 in 30days, #20 F-P toy

Every child who has spent time in our house for the past 35 years has enjoyed this cash register. It was a Santa gift for Robin's first Christmas. I always thought it needed a handle as every one of those kids took a tumble or dropped it trying to carry it somewhere. Fisher-Price, are you listening?

Now it seems a bit dated, with no credit card swipe bar. Interested? Click here to contact me. $65 unframed

Cash or Credit? 5x7 oil on canvas board c. 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days #19 pear

This is the third in a series of single fruit, the earlier two are in posting #15. I went shopping for a citrus, but all the oranges and grapefruit were just round balls, no particular characteristics and no challenge. I chose pears, which got a good bumping in the packing lane. I kept looking at the shadow color on my white palette paper and couldn't determine blue or green, although the value is correct. Technically, it would be a cool violet shade, but my eyes didn't pick that out at all, so here it is, blue-green. The fruit is only 3x3" square.

Grapes may appear in the future. Framed, this is $50, click here to contact me.

Pear, framed, 3x3 oil on Arches Huile, c.2015

Schifano, small paintings, oil of fruit

Thursday, April 23, 2015

30 in 30 days, #17 Paddington Bear

Paddington's Lucky Day was the first book my daughter received, she was 4 weeks old. It remained a favorite and my son loved it too. The book came with a stuffed Paddington Bear and he still lives with me. For his first visit to the studio he was very well behaved and modeled without a break. Now Paddington is sleeping to recover from his visit.
Paddington Visits the Studio, 6x6 oil c. 2015

Schifano, childrens picture, Paddington jacket

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

30 paintings in 30 days, #18 Strawberries

This was absolutely the best smelling, and best tasting subject for a painting I have ever created. The grocery store berries are starting to look and taste like strawberries are supposed to.  Although the Sparkle berries we used to pick are nearly impossible to find these days the smell of these were hard to resist. So I didn't.

Interested? Only $40, Click Here to email me.
I Ate My Berry Models, 4x4 oil on canvas board, c. 2015

30 in 30 days, #15, Lemon and Lime

Made especially for these frames, I still have one to finish. They are only 3" square but have created a bit of interest. It was suggested to do a pineapple for the third, or a blood orange or grapefruit. I was thinking grapes.

Lemon, Lime 3x3 oil on Arches Huile, c.2015
kitchen art, Schifano, citrus picture

kitchen art, Schifano, citrus picture

30 in 30, #16. Garlic

Oh my, Sunday evening and I hadn't started this day's painting. The garlic was on my mental list so I brought it up to the studio, the height and width are the same so I chose a square canvas. It was late so I played a bit and enjoyed my time with Mr. Garlic. Afterwards on Facebook I discovered the previous day was an official 'garlic day'. And yes, this bulb was partially eaten. Click email me if interested, only $40

Saturday Was Garlic Day. 4x4 oil on canvas board

Kathy Schifano, 30 in 30 days, kitchen paintings, Grand ISland artist

30 in 30, # 13 Tomatoes and mushrooms

Go not to the object; let the object come to you," (Henry David Thoreau) 30 paintings and I am waiting for the next dozen to come to me. Toys, food and Plein air landscapes have dominated my choices so far.
These juicy tomatoes seemed plain red in the kitchen but looking carefully in the studio I found a variety of reds and oranges that were a pleasure to mix. My oldest tubes of reds don't get used much because I have only ever painted one fire truck, this time I found that the soft and buttery quality of the paints had not changed with age.

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'Paint Faster, It's Lunchtime' 5x7 oil on canvas board, c. 2015

Kschifano, kathy schifano, 30 in 30 days

Friday, April 17, 2015

30 In 30 Days, #12 Hyde Park, NF

K Schifano, plein air, NIagara PAinters

The 'Niagara Painters' are a wonderful group of dedicated Niagara painters of all levels and media, formed online with I have joined them on many Thursday paint events and always enjoyed their company. Last year the Duck Island paintout was abbreviated by serious rain even though dedicated painters showed up and kept working when the rain began. I went home.

The first event this year coincided with the release of 2,000 brown trout into Hyde Park lake and it seemed there were about that many people fishing, too. Fisherman are like plein air artists, get out there, spend time in nature and if it's a good catch or not, it is still a great day.

I feel like I had a good catch on my easel. With mid day light and composition established, the colors of the ground and the trees were nearly finished when I had to leave for a short appointment. Well, I wanted a bigger and better fish, so I returned an hour later to finish the branching and shrubs. After a long day I completed this painting, and walking across the bridge the wind picked up, the temperature dropped and by the time I reached the car it was raining. It's all good! Click here to email me for information

Duck Island Day 9x12 oil

Duck Island Day

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days, #11 Sandwich

Kath Schifano, Niagara artist, sandwich picture

Yes, there is a story here but all names will be omitted to prevent any blame. I came home mid- afternoon to this sandwich, uneaten, on the counter. "What!" I exclaimed, "She didn't eat any lunch?"
"No" was the answer, "She doesn't want mayonnaise so I made another one with butter. But I thought she asked for it." It looked delicious with lots of lettuce. But very stale.

Fortunately the sandwich was an acceptable and willing model. $65 unframed, $75 with frame

She said "Hold the mayo", 5x7 oil on birch board, 2015

She said "Hold the Mayo"

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days, #10

Aaah, is this kitchen art, or is it something else? If you have seen photos of trays of Christmas cookies here then you will recognize the Mexican tile counter, with brown grout framing 3 colors of 6" tiles. I had to paint my 'daily' but I also wanted to watch television so I set up facing the show. The island lights made neat double shadows on the tiles and I was able to multitask for a while. It was finished long after the TV was turned off....

Interested? Email me or click the Paypal button

Nothing To Cry Over, 5x7 oil on canvas panel, 2015

Nothing to Cry Over

Monday, April 13, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days, #9

Grand Island painter, Kathy Schifano

Sunshine, breezes, bees and flowers, it seems like the big chill has left western New York. All the crocus came out at once and all the bees gathered in the front yard to celebrate. Setting my chair a bit away from their honey convention I relished Spring, short sleeves and warm breeze.

One third finished with my 30 in 30 adventure and I notice hand twinges from holding the brush. My surgeon said 6 months and I'd be as good as new so I suppose it is the effect of working small with thin handled brushes. I'll know soon enough as I convinced myself that it is about rebuilding muscles that were misused for so long.

This is just a happy painting, from a beautiful day. Click Here to email me or use the Paypal button.

Crocus Happy Dance, 4"x5", oil on HDF board, 2015

Crocus Happy Dance

Sunday, April 12, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days #8

KSchifano, plein air BUffalo, Canisius

KSchifano, Buffalo painting, Canisius
After delivery of 3 paintings to Impact Gallery the east side of Buffalo's Main Street glowed as I drove in the mid afternoon sunlight, especially the odd combination of buildings on Canisius College campus. The central tower blocks most of the Greek Revival center behind it, but the angles of the buildings intrigued me. I parked in the Forest Lawn across Main Street. Someday, I will walk around and investigate these varied buildings built decades apart.

I remembered my tiny cigar box paint set, with a 5x7 panel in the bracketed lid. Sample tubes of paint fit nicely, but all I had were a few tubes so this was a study in resourcefulness. No mineral spirits or mediums, no way to clean paint on the raggedy brushes I found there except the two Dunkin' Donuts napkins in the door pocket. Plus, I worked in my lap, wearing white jeans. I stayed neat and clean painting this from the car, at least until I got home when I pressed my sleeve into the wet paint and it spread everywhere from there.
Canisius Perspectives, 5x7 oil on birch panel, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 days, #7 Food trucks

Niagara Falls painter, downtown painting, Kathy Schifano
Ready to paint the river, I thought "coffee" and parked in front of Starbucks. This was the view out my window and I never got the coffee or to the Falls. The colors of the food trucks and the activity on Falls Street were enough to make me paint there, on the street, at the back of the car. I had to do this piece by piece as vans and big trucks parked on the street and blocked different parts of my view.

Skateboarders were using the Starbucks corner behind me to nosily practice jumps and the painting was created to the sounds of wheels on bricks and benches, an occasional fall or cheers as a skater accomplished a move. Even the painting took a dive, it was quite windy, turning to the car trunk to get a brush the entire setup went up and over onto the road, with the painting face down on the bricked street. That cleaned up easily with a few strokes. My box went a bit off kilter, but crazy glue and a few clamps at home put it back to square. Such are the hazards of plein air painting. Later, the skating noise stopped and I heard the soft sound of something like pickup sticks or clocks ticking. Looking around, the people were scattering, it was the sound of frosty rain bouncing on my wide brim hat. I marked the unfinished light poles poles in the distance and finished this painting at home.

This painting is $75 during the 30 day event. Choose the PayPal button or click here to email me.

Lunch trucks at the Convention Center, 10x9, oil on canvas 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

30 paintings in 30 Days, # 6 Primrose

flower oil painting, niagara artist, kath schifano
The primroses outside my window have been green for weeks, but won't open until the warmth is more than temporary. I buy them to brighten our table and plant them outdoors later. A bit of water consistently keeps them flowering, indoors and out.

Keeping up with a 'painting a day' is interesting but I have barely dry little gems to photograph each day and I am still trying to figure out why wet paint and cameras don't get along. I usually wait weeks, or even months to photograph my work all at one time, in a controlled situation with perfect lighting and a block of time. This is quite a challenge!

Primrose in Porcelain, 6x6 oil on canvas panel, 2015

This painting is a bit larger and without a frame for $65. Click here to email me or use the PayPal button.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

30 in 30 Days, Day 5 Sunday's salad

small oil painting, kath schifano

A few years ago I illustrated the cookbook 'A Stir in the Mist'. A series of food pictures were used on recipe pages and my Niagara Falls Paintings were used for the dividers. Painting this today reminded me how much I enjoyed the challenge of the food drawings. Grocery shopping involved choosing the best shaped vegetables and fruit for the pictures and not for eating.

This is a great kitchen gift for anyone. Click here to Email or use the Paypal Button below.

'From Sunday's Salad', 5x7 oil on canvas panel

'From Sunday's Salad'

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days, #4 Forsythia

Nearly 20 years ago we dug a big hole and planted 3 Forsythia bushes together. It's huge and I bring branches indoors in the winter, to force the flowers. I cut some 3 weeks ago. While we can see bits of yellow barely budding on the monster bush outdoors these cut branches are in full bloom with growing sprouts. Whenever cuttings root I plant them on the edge of the woods, sometimes they grow and thrive there.

Forsythia is an annual subject to paint, but this is my first close up; I was surprised how much green these luscious yellow flowers contain. 

Original oil painting on side stapled stretched canvas. 5x4 unframed $40, with frame 45. Use Paypal below or click here for email.
Glorious Spring, 5x4 oil on canvas panel  c.2015
Kath Schifano, oil paintings of flowers, yellow picture, forsythia close up

Kath Schifano, oil paintings of flowers, yellow picture, forsythia close up

Glorious Spring

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days, #3 Tiny Rabbit

Day 3, another rabbit, this tiny work can be an ornament on a tree, or made into a fun brooch, as well as a sweet decoration on a mantle or bookshelf. The penny is there for size, it is really very little, but it is on a real canvas mounted on wood frame. The easel is 5" and the painting is 2"x2".

My house has an incredible collection of rabbits for Spring decorating, a bit of sun and some daffodils pushing their way up and I am ready for the season. Most of those rabbits were gifts to my kids through the years but still live with me. I am determined to pass some of these decorations back to them.

'Biding Time Bunny' 2"x2" oil on canvas 2015

Castellani Museum Collection

The text of a very special notice from Gerald Mead, this painting is now in the collection of Castellani Art Museum, located at Niagara University, New York.

Kathy Schifano, NIagara Falls art, artist, Castellani Museum
Channeling Wolf Kahn c. 2014, Kath Schifano

My apologies for not contacting you sooner - very good news - your painting was accepted for the Museum's collection at the December meeting of the Acquisitions Committee. 

It is now part of a new special segment of the collection that has been designated as their Lending Collection - Kate explained that this means that it may be selected to be shown on campus. (it is a new and frankly very smart initiative)

So, congratulations you are now in the collection of the Castellani Art Museum!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Painting the Mist on Day 2

This is the second post of my 30 Paintings in 30 days challenge.

It was sunny when I left the house to paint, but as I approached the Falls, clouds were rolling in and I took the turnaround on Robert Moses Parkway to paint the Canadian skyline and Horseshoe mist from the Power Project intakes. I had photographed here in the winter; today I realized that I was driving on the sidewalk for quite a distance that day, today I would have to hike to the chosen spot with my supplies. A true plein air experience carrying easel and pochade today, not one of my favorite lazy paint outs next to my car.

Having experimented and contemplated grays and muted colors recently I found the soft colored buildings of the distant Canadian Niagara Falls a good subject for trying the duller tones. With westbound traffic blocked and construction at the end of the parkway in progress the bright orange traffic signs put a punch of color on the road (enlarge the painting to see them.)  $65

Calm Before the Rain, 5x7 Gessoboard, c.2015

Calm Before the Rain

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter painting

Just a perky bunny pausing for a moment but ready to run. Having friends who have accepted the challenge of making 30 paintings in 30 days and eager to get back to regular outdoor paintings with the change of weather, I am going to try it. 30 paintings in 30 days. 

These will mostly be sketches, an opportunity to try new ideas and experiment, but each will be my best work, and probably small. watch for more, here and on Facebook.

These paintings are for sale as soon as they dry, a week or so, paypal, cash, check and credit are all accepted, email for info,  This little guy can come in a frame. $65, unframed, $55
"Ready, Set, Go" 4x6 oil. c. 2015

Ready, Set, Go