Monday, August 26, 2019

Dreams do come true

How is this for an artist studio? I have every intention of making it my own space and filling the walls with my art. What do you think? Can you imagine a nicer place for a painting studio than this one?

Outside, looking in

Inside, Looking out

CAM 20/20 Vision

"20/20 Vision" is an upcoming exhibition of women's art at Castellani Art Museum, opening in January. This will be my addition to the gallery walls. It will include artists from the five county area and remain in the main gallery space until summer. This view from below the American Falls could not be painted on location, the mist was dense and I was on the Maid of The Mist boat tour. It is a studio painting.

Beyond the Rock of Ages 15x30 oil on canvas

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Garden flowers in progress

A warm day, not too bright, but the weeds were calling. Garden shoes, waterproof gloves and a sun hat were needed. As soon as I stepped on the patio a pot of flowers among the houseplants called my name. 
So I painted it. 

In progress from the table. 
Kath Schifano

As I cleared the table. Noticed the succulent centerpiece glowed like a diamond. The earlier rain had left a drop in the center. How pretty!

Begonias and Pansies, 9x12 pastel. c. KSchifano

Urban Art, indoors with a view

The lobby of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo filled with urban artists when the rain poured in sheets and buckets. Warm and dry, with the smell of fresh coffee nearby and the sounds of elevator doors, the large windows offered framed glimpses of Main Street and Genesee Streets as well as the Goldome Building. 

Pictures were made by people of all ages and skills.

My interior view of Hyatt Regency, Buffalo. Pen and ink

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Art on Oliver

Here it is, my painting enlarged and on display in the window of Jack's Trains, an Oliver Street favorite shop of young and old. It was a treat to be selected for the Art on PLiver Public initiative, but what a joy to see it displayed! 
This was cosponsored by several North Tonawanda businesses and printed by our master art printer, Lisa at Pencil in The River.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

An Award at Clarence Town Park

The Clarence Art Society uses the spacious Clarence Town Park on Route 5 for an annual plein air competition. This year, I decided to enter because the park is a collection of beautiful views, a pond with a fountain, clubhouse, split rail museum home, hills and trees, a playground and a pool. It is huge. 

My plan was to paint the bridge when the early light was muted and misty but the bridge was much too dark. The geraniums on a nearby raised wall glowed in sun light and I chose to paint them first, I painted the bridge in the bright afternoon light.

Several painting buddies were also entered and we enjoyed a day in each other's company. There was a public exhibition and judging for awards so we had plenty of time to discuss tripods, pastel brands and our favorite ice cream flavor. Usually we leave a site when finished painting or lunch, whichever is last. This was a relaxing time to visit.

It was tough to choose one painting for the judging but I have found that the first painting of the day is often the best. The judge agreed and awarded my flowers Second Place.

Geraniums in Clarence Town Park, 9x12 oil on birch c. 2019
Monet Bridge IN Clarence Park, 12x16 oil on birch c. 2019

Friday, August 2, 2019

Two 'Power'ful Paintings in a summer exhibition at NACC

The 17th annual Beyond The Barrel exhibit at the Niagara Arts and Culture Center has the subtitle 'Power'. I chose these two paintings to represent the energy and power of where we live. Boulders that have withstood the pounding of water racing to the Falls and out to Lake Ontario and the clouds that arise over Lake Erie and create snowstorms south of Buffalo represent power of nature to me. All together it is a strong and energetic show, in the Townsend Gallery through August 25.

I am pleased to have work represented in this strong show representing 'Power' and WNY artists.

k schifano, rocks painted
Rock Steady, K Schifano, oil c. 2018

nacc, Townsend gallery
Buffalo Lookout and the Weather, oil K Schifano, oil c.2012

Rock Steady 16x20 oil on board
Buffalo Lookout and the Weather, 11x14 oil on canvas panel