Monday, March 1, 2010

Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club Cookbook

I have been working since last summer on illustrations for a hardcover cookbook to be published late this year by the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club. Volunteers have been testing recipes & preparing the chapters for a long time already.

Each page has a 'sidebar' that may contain information about this area, the restaurant a recipe is from, or some cooking information. This painting will appear there - gray-scaled & as a screen so that the type will show clearly.

My challenge was to find an image that would work in a format that is 3 times as tall as it is wide! They are considering using two different sidebars, so the next will be 'more mist, less land'. This scene took a few tries, but I am thrilled with the result. It is from Prospect Point looking across the Niagara River to the Horseshoe Falls.

Masterviews, oil on stretched canvas, 24x8 2010

Raghava KK

"I hope you will join me in this Magic Carpet Ride, and touch children, and be honest."
Passing along a link to a Ted Talks video, it's less than 20 minutes, but Raghava shows how he has passed through 5 avatars as an artist, but remains true to himself & his art. I would like to be able to say I have been true to my art as well. We'll see. Thanks for the link from Charles.