Monday, July 30, 2018

Bonds Lake and Kayakers

Familiar with kayakers frequently entering the water at Buckhorn, a pair of visitors from Canandaigua entered the water at Bonds Lake when we first arrived. Sherrill Primo and I were mentoring a new plein air painter and we drove further into the park to a quiet view of a smaller lake, a few fallen trees and the richness of nature.
IMagine my surprise when the kayak couple entered this water as well. I had taken photos of them earlier, planning to use them if needed. This time, the lady kept her boat still for me to observe it in scale with my picture. I wound up turning her around, because who wants to see a painting of someone paddling out the right corner of a picture?

The drama of the day was during clean up. My very wet and globby palette took a dive, face first right into the painting. A great deal of thick paint-red, orange, yellow- stuck itself to the water  areaas well as extra speckles all through the picture. A palette knife comes in handy-scrape it off!

I did get home later than I planned.
Perfect Kayak Day, 9x12 oil on birch c.2018

Same old angle, new view

Rainbow Mist, looking towards Canada
I can walk along the Niagara River and see views of the mist rising from the bottom of the gorge for close to a mile. It never fails to amaze me and I have painted it from slightly different angles in different sizes and media.
This particular painting is unusual as I included the skyline of Niagara Falls Ontario. Usually, manmade structures are omitted or barely visible.
Rainbow Mist, 9x12, oil on birch panel c. 2018

Buffalo Garden Walk in the Community Gardens

The annual Buffalo Garden Walk is one of the 'must do' things in WNY. Instead of working in a private garden with tinkling waterfalls and spectacular floral and fauna, the Buffalo Society of Artists sponsors a community gardens paint in for kids, mostly kids anyway. Paints, paper and shade are ready in this neighborhood garden where anyone who wants or needs fresh vegetables can pick them. The cherry tomatoes I chose were turning color as I worked. What a nice way to experience nature.
Vermont Street Tomatoes, 16x12 pastel, c. 2019

Gallery windows in Buffalo

Two adjoining galleries wrap around North Street in Buffalo to Linwood Street. Art Dialogue Gallery has a window facing the street that is always interesting to view. I had parked in front and took this shot of Bill Wilson's sculptures. 
While I was there, Don Siuta asked if he could use my painting in the North Street windows of Artists Group Gallery. Leaving, I took this photo of it at the very moment a cyclist rode by and her reflection landed precisely on the beach of the painting. Coincidentally, it is titled "That Moment" which was meant for the moment of sunrise on the ocean horizon. This picture caught another 'moment'.
Art Dialogue Gallery, Bill Wilson sculpture, Donald Siuta

That Moment, 40x20, oil on canvas, c.2015

Frank Lloyd Wright Boathouse

The start of a painting is a drawing - this is on a black toned canvas and it is in the shade of a building
Note how the light and shadows change, especially on the boathouse.

The Wind At FLW Boathouse, 12x16 oil

 I chose to leave the foliage off the tree to keep emphasis on the building.
Note how the shadows are longer in this afternoon photo and there is no light on the front. The wind is evident from the furled flags.

Wind at FLW Boathouse, oil on canvas 12x16 c.2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Buckhorn! Again! Summer!

 Look very carefully, the right side of the photo at top shows the tree hanging over the creek. Taking the photo together with a painting uses a different vantage point and size relationship than my eyes see as I paint. Watching this tree slowly melt into the landscape over the years has been interesting. It is indeed slowly breaking down as it had several trunks in my first painting years ago. That was a fall scene from the opposite side of the creek. Kayaks were unloaded near my vantage point and I decided to add one in.
Another Buckhorn Day, 12x16 pastel. c. 2018

Burchfield Nature Park

Buffalo Creek and Burchfield, 9x12 pastel c.2018

Sharon Fundalinski and Peggy Walker introduced me to this park at least ten years ago and every time I return it is a lovely day with slowly rippling water, little kids with grandparents, people walking dogs and peaceful nature sounds. Many of the stately trees are gone as the creek has the potential to become fast and furious and the trees roots are eroded, year by year as they age.

There are still a few massive trees that may have been painted by Charles Burchfield. He lived directly across the creek from this one.

Fort Niagara Lighthouse

This is my view of
the lighthouse, about 5 minutes into my preliminary drawing, when the buses arrived.  Not interested in using yellow I decided to paint the upper part of this lighthouse. It was a scorching hot day and there were no trees so I had set up in the shade of my car, with the back extended and a shade umbrella attached with bungie cords.
I met so many nice people, tourists from all over were on vacation and headed to Fort Niagara. Best part was espying a revolutionary uniform or other traditional dress as colonial actors reported for work
lighthouse painting, Fort Niagara, old lighthouse
The painted view above the buses
North By Northwest, 12x9, oil on linen panel, 2018

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Another Buckhorn Painting, Spring with a bit of snow.

From the canoe launch on the south side of the park, there is a small inlet that connects to the creek. I painted there on a sunny spring day with ducks and herons and fishermen all around. As I painted, the little bits of snow remaining from a late storm melted.

Spring Equinox, End of Winter, oil on canvas, 9x12 c.2018