Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 4 of 5 FB painting challenge

Day 4 of 5 in this FB painters challenge. I have selected three views at Niagara Falls demonstrating the power of nature, the fury and energy of tumbling water racing from Lake Erie, up the Niagara, down the Falls to Lake Ontario. I love to paint close to the water, the experience of the spray and the roar of the cataracts give meaning to the words power and majesty. 1&2 are plein air, the third is a studio painting.
1. Roiling AM, 12x16 pastel-rocks at the base of American Falls
2. Winter Divot, 8x12 oil-a rock on the precipice of the Horseshoe in winter
3. Another Surprise on the Path, 21x30 pastel-off the path from 3 Sister's Islands.

It seems easy to choose paintings for this challenge, but nominating another artist is difficult because of the mathematics of the challenge, each nominee invites 5 more, they each invite 5 more, that's 5 artists, then 25, 125, 500, 2500, 12,500, 50,000 artists (thats 750,000 pictures on our news feed) posting in just a month. And they all have to be on FB. Every time I thought of a name, I see they have been challenged. So, Kim James Yarwood, let's see what you are up to.Fine artist and storyteller,neighbor and longtime friend, it's your turn to post 3 art works a day for 5 days and nominate another each day.

Day 3 of 5 paintings Facebook Challenge

Day 3 of the 5 day art challenge to post 3 artworks a day for 5 days. In the spirit of celebrating friends from the past, and showcasing their art, today I nominate Sarah Louisa Burns to join this challenge and post her amazing knitted sculptures-or other work- hopefully with her hilarious comments 3 each day for 5 days.
Today's subject is the ocean-all plein air, all from the same spot by the Ohio Street jetty, Long Beach, Long Island, NY. I am visualizing warm sunshine and bare feet on sand as snow gently falls in my yard.
1. Incoming Tide, 8x10 oil
2. Waiting For the Big One, 12x24 oil
3. Slack, 12x16 oil
 — with Sarah Louisa Burns.
Ocean painter, Long Beach, waves and rocks

Day 2 of 5 FB paintings

Day 2 of 5 Facebook Painting Challenge.

I selected unpublished paintings that had a bit of humor when they were made. The first 'My Peonies Have No Ants' is a Springtime plein air; painting the flower buds outdoors I watched so many fat ants crawl around that I decided to be 'different', therefore, no ants.

The second was painted at a vendor workshop, 'Studio Zygocactus'. We were to paint from photos to evaluate a new paint product. I forgot eyeglasses and painted this sideways, displayed it sideways and didn't know it. Nowadays, I often paint outdoors without my glasses.

The last is a Botanical Gardens close up. Behind me was a vicious spiked cactus, hence the title, 'No Leaning.'
I nominate Patricia Gaeta to post 3 paintings a day for 5 days, we want to see what you are up to!
 — with Patricia Gaeta.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

From Facebook Artist Posts 1

Day 1 of 5
I am nominated for the current Facebook Challenge by Frances Gaffney, a Manhattan and ADK artist and friend, to post 3 artworks for 5 days and nominate another artist each day. It has been a pleasure to see so much great work from so many artist friends and I am pleased to be a part of making FB posts beautiful.
These 3 are earlier works, pastels on 22x30 BFK created from real roses in my studio. I have always been inspired by nature and this series of rose paintings 2003-04 were stepping stones to becoming a better artist by observing and recording as well as the experience of working with limited color.
In the shadow of Frances, I nominate Elizabeth Flannery Damesimo to post 3 paintings a day for 5 days.
1. Investigating Pink
2. Rotated Rose 
3. More Moon Shadows
Kathy Schifano, flower artist, picture of rose

rose with drops, Schifano, big rose

Schifano, rose, purple flower

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finally lifting a brush to under paint a new studio painting, 36x24

 I say 'finally lifting a brush' because I have finally recovered from my wrist surgery in September. I had no idea how much I had been missing or how much I had been hurting until the pain was gone...the same day as the surgery. 

Thinking that it would work itself out was not the best plan for me, as it had started to really bother me in June of 2013, by August I wore a small brace and in the Fall I finally made an appointment. By then I had stopped using pastels and modified techniques with the brushes so I could still paint. A hand specialist gave me a bigger brace that kept my thumb immobile, various appointments involved cortisone shots, useless pain cream, different braces and suggestions to consider other tests and surgery. Not an ideal patient, I wanted to just be fine without any stitches. Boy, was I wrong, I could have saved a year of complications. Now that I have had a 'First Dorsal Compartment Release' and waited the right amount of recuperation time I can paint and pastel, within reason, at least until I get it all figured out. New artwork will be posted more often now!