Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Serious bidding at 20th Century Club

The exquisite 20th Century Club is a Buffalo jewel. I have painted their gardens and been to events but this time was special. The Artist's Group Gallery annual October fundraiser there utilized three rooms as well as numerous sitting areas for the bidders. The art display room was very well lit, the cocktails area was elegant and the dinner was wonderful.

This photo shows one of the silent bidding tables which were busy all evening. I donated a small pastel, 'Complementary Niagara', a view of the Horseshoe Falls. Last I looked, there was a long line of bids placed and I am not sure who took it home.

A lovely evening!

Explaining where I live

The American Falls and Bridal Veil
The Horseshoe Falls

Well, yes, this is Niagara Falls and that IS A LOT OF WATER! Lake Erie ends in Buffalo and the neck of water named the Niagara River is technically not a river. It isn't long enough at 35 miles and just connects two lakes, it also is the natural boundary between the USA and Canada. It ends at Lake Ontario. 

Many areas of this river are nearly a mile wide. After Buffalo, and before the famous Falls attraction, an island is formed where the river splits. At that point it is usually called East River and West River and I live there along with about 20,000 others, in Grand Island. The Niagara Thruway bridges are our only access roads and the first was built in 1939. Before that, it was mostly a summer residence and party place, students who lived year here round took a ferry to the mainland for school...unless it was frozen over. 

The larger island here is Grand Island and the smaller, uninhabited one is Navy Island. Navy was once considered as a location for the United Nations and belongs to Canada. My home is at about 8 o'clock in the picture, near the speck of island to the left of the bridge. There are two state parks here, one at each end and much greenspace as the residents mostly live along the water. The waterfalls are two miles downriver, out of the picture. This is a view looking south toward Buffalo, you can see the expanse of Lake Erie at the top. Needless to say, the fury of the river make it a poor choice for swimming.
Thank you to James Cavanaugh for permission to use this unique Grand Island photo, we usually see if from the southern view. More of his dramatic aerial photos are at

Merit Award in Buffalo

Last winter was dreary and gray and had little appeal to convince me to paint outdoors. The thing about this area is, if it is winter and the sun is shining then it is really very cold. Those mild temperature days are due to cloud cover holding in heat and there seemed to be an overabundance of sunless afternoons.
BNAA,Merit Award, Winter Shadows,winter painting
Winter Shadows, oil, 12x16

purple painting, winter art, K Schifano
Merit Award for 'Winter Shadows'

Last February, a blazing sun cast deep dark shadows in the backyard woods. Lazily, I set up an easel and paints in the dining room window to capture that view. Not quite true plein air, but painted in the spirit, and I finished it at the window in a long single sitting and I let it be. Prettiest day of winter 2017-2018!

The BNAA fall show is at Buffalo Artist Studios in Trimain and the awards reception was during the Trimain and BAS Fourth Friday event. I am pleased to have been awarded a Merit Award from the juror, George Grace.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Infringement on Allen Street.

Kathy Schifano

What started as an oversized plein aire took two weekends sitting on Allen Street and a lot more time in the studio. It’s a lovely painting but my original idea didn’t resemble this. The details grabbed me by the throat and screamed 'PAINT ME". So, instead of a loose and painterly view in Allentown I have a pretty accurate rendition of the street on a weekend morning. But I like it.

It is now showing at Buffalo Arts Studio in the Buffalo Niagara Art Association juried exhibit, prizes and ribbons will be awarded at Trimain's fourth Friday event.

Infringement on Allen Street, 18x24 oil c. 2018

A bit of Magritte

The artist Magritte played with images, some serious, others were whimsical. My favorites are when he has a painting overlapping a picture, the image behind the canvas is on the canvas. I tried it. 

This is a view and of the lower Niagara River on my easel, painted from Canada overlook by the Whirlpool. I lined up the painting with the view.  It’s harder to photograph than it looks. The painting is the image on this month's calendar page.

This is a sample of painting by Magritte, all of it is paint, including the easel and curtain.