Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Winter jewel

No. I have not been painting outdoors. This bit of winter is from last year, a sunny day with a lot of snow, enough to sink in it down to my knees in snow-I almost had to paint UP to my easel because it was braced on a fence. Getting chills just by remembering. Looking forward to painting some more purple shadows on the snow, which means we need to lose the clouds soon.

It was painted at the old canoe launch in Buckhorn State Park where I often paint in Fall, when leaves and shrubs hide the trees in the distance.

Creek Shadows, oil 8x10 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Open Studio 2010

My annual Open Studio event has evolved over the years and I look forward to seeing friends, sharing stories of my paintings and eating holiday cookies. Claudia Capolupo joined me for the day on Friday, its always a treat to have time with a good friend, wine & conversation.

Rearranging the studio for visitors involves framing new work, varnishing paintings from spring & summer and deciding which artworks are unfinished or need to be overpainted [not everything is a keeper!].

2010 was a Friday/Saturday event & the weather was warm and sunny, so there were many people out and the light streaming in the windows brightened the darkest corners. I'm pleased to show these photos of 'Holes in the Walls' studio at its best. Since that weekend is followed by so many holidays & preparation for them, visiting & parties, the studio stays clean & neat. I don't usually start any major works now but I am looking forward to some big projects for the new year. My 'need to paint' is satisfied by painting a few small works and drawing plans for upcoming projects.

Find peace & joy in whatever you do.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Letchworth State Park Weekend

After a minor whine/ rant last post, I have to admit to a two night get-away camp adventure in Letchworth State Park with Sherrill Primo, Joan L. Shaw and other NFPAP painters in October. Yes, I got cold 'camping' with a cottage, and it also rained. No matter, it was wonderful. I've returned to this Letchworth site & now have three pictures, one an older photo of my kids & Carl in front of this train trestle, another a little painting of the same scene with watercolors from a paint trip with Sherrill 2 years ago. This time, I was ready and the train trestle was finished-when the incredibly long train motored by, slow enough to capture the light glinting on the roof and slow enough for me to paint it from life! Actually, I can paint VERY fast.

The photo of me was taken by a tourist to the park, who happens to be from Buffalo, watched me paint for a while, took my photo & my card & sent the photo to me. Thank you John Gross! I'm wearing all the clothes I brought, I think there were seven layers, two pairs each of gloves & socks, but my smile is genuine. We went to paint the majestic Glen Iris Inn, but I happened to turn around & liked the shadows & light at edge of the meadow near the gorge. I stood under a tree that partially protected me from the constant mist and wind that started to get quite ferocious by the end of our adventure.

Are You Allowed Up There?, 24x12 oil 2010
By Glen Iris Inn, 8x10 oil 2010

TIfft Nature Center & Sanity

Those of you who know me understand the turmoil around me over the past few months. I have maintained my sanity by grabbing all rare occasions to paint, certainly not as often as I would like, & I haven't posted many new works that I have completed. My 'business of art' is set aside for now, but the studio is clean and serves as a sanctuary for music, sketching and thought.
Well, our first snow arrived & I finally spent the morning converting images for publication & hope to post several times in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

These two were painted at Tifft Nature Preserve in South Buffalo which is an idyllic park run by the Buffalo Museum of Science. It was reclaimed from abandoned railroad yards and factory dumps in the early years, when Buffalo was a huge port and transportation center.

Each year that I paint there I see nature overcoming the spoils of industry. As I painted the creek, a pair of deer frolicked in the distance, giant water birds came & went and the painting earned its title.

The little marshland portrait has a huge set of grain elevators in the distance; abandoned, trees and grasses have sprouted on the paths and fields, the buildings appear to recede as the trees gain height.

4 Turtles on a Log, oil 11x14 2010
Reclaimation, 5x7 oil 2010