Friday, July 18, 2014

The big vista

Everyone driving down Lewiston Hill looks at the scene out over the lake and the rolling landscape from the escarpment to the shore, mostly farms and fields. On clear days the city of Toronto stands like a beacon in the distance, more than 35 miles as the crow flies. This Spring day, I painted in Ann's backyard, on top of the escarpment, as I looked, the spires and buildings of the city appeared as the morning mist lifted.

view of Toronto, Schifano, plein air
Toronto Haze, 9x12 oil

Artists Group Gallery

The edge of Goat Island at Niagara Falls separates the water that goes over the two falls from the Niagara River. The rapids become quite tumultuous at this spot, the speed of the water increases and splashes on the rocks and ledges. An earlier post this year showed this being painted from the front seat of my car at the end of a long cold winter. 

I donated the painting to Artists Group Gallery for the summer fundraiser, an evening with delightful food and drinks, some surprises and the opportunity to purchase small artworks at $100. 

It's July 24th in the evening, tickets available from the gallery, 885-2251

Schifano, water painting, plein air, Niagara artist
Rapids Start 6x6 oil, c. K. Schifano

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hurricane Arthur painting

Arthur painting, Niagara artist, Schifano

A long planned vacation and family get together in Delaware was an opportunity to paint at the beach...right off the balcony of our apartment as this painting happens to be. The beach is actually deeper than this and the water does not come so high, but this was from a storm that had hit the Outer Banks and was visible as it careened out to sea.

"Arthur" was painted the morning of the first US hurricane of 2014. The waves were picking up and eventually crashed onto the beach, halfway to our apartment. It was thrilling, but hard to paint a moment as the light changed so quickly in the storm. 

'Arthur', 9x21 oil