Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poetry & Art, and Interchangeable Impressions

Stuck in an arm brace for several weeks, I could not hold or maneuver my favored pastels, which probably were the cause of my wrist and thumb issues in the first place.

Not using pastels, limited to oils this summer and fall, I devised a few new ways to wield brushes. Working on treated wood boards gave me more control. Using a palette knife helped cut down on my repetitive motions, and working smaller, with its own particular challenges, limited additional stress on my damaged tendons. I would not give up creating!

While painting with Sherrill Primo, she told me of a poem by Richard about the single red tree of a new fall, a clarion of the season. Hence this lovely bit of Buckhorn State Park, across from the fisherman's dock and its title.

Clarion for Autumn, 7x5, oil 2013

A Published Painting

My painting, 'Coffee Time, Long Beach Morning' is featured this week in 'Why This Works' by Jeanne Mackenzie. Click HERE to see the article published in an international online magazine.

Part of the pleasure of being a plein air painter involves crawling websites for great new artwork, sharing ideas and techniques with other artists and discovering how much wonderful art is being produced worldwide under the banner of 'plein air'.

Weekly letters and magazines, blogs, personal websites, journals and social media keep us connected. I have been fortunate to know painters all over the country, to meet and often paint with my artist friends at parks and vistas wherever I travel. The Publisher's Invitational event in the Adirondacks is one of the best places to meet new people and share experiences as artists. I joined them the inaugural year and returned to attend 3 times, the 4th event coming in 2014 may be the first I miss. However, my friendships are permanent. One site I was introduced to there is at, an online weekly magazine that features events and people, which chose this painting for a feature.

KAth Schifano Long Beach painting
Coffee Time, Long Beach Morning, oil 10x20 K. Schifano

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunny afternoon in Texas

Outside Austin, Texas at Maxine Price's painting studio, a wonderful native rock wall encloses a lovely yard of Texas treasures, including sculpture, plants and majestic live oaks.
An afternoon of plein air combined with visiting  and artist conversation turned into this little oil of a prickly pear cactus half immersed in front of the wall.

A Little Texas Sunlight, oil 10x8

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Painting for Preservation, Delaware Court

Super Saturdays! About once a month, Sara Zak invites artists to join her to bring attention to an 'endangered' or at risk building in Buffalo. Delaware Court, on the corner of Delaware and Chippewa in Buffalo was our most recent event. It may be replaced by a modern steel and glass tower, but no building would have the character and beauty that is on the corner now.

The curved facade gives the appearance of a building that goes on forever, decorative plaques are embedded on the pilasters and in the top molding, bump out 2nd floor balconies increase the visual delight. The group was gathered by Spot Coffee for a kiddy corner view, but I choose to sit across the street in the sun on a crisp fall morning on the patio of an obliging restaurant.

Sara Zak
  Carol Case Syracuse
Painting for Preservation
Delaware Court, oil on oil paper 11x14, K. Schifano 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

Adirondack painters, the first group photo

This photo is from June 2011, and was left as a draft. Today it got noticed and I 'undrafted' it, and instead of landing in the June 2011 calendar, it published today. I guess if I want something to be in order I need to post it on time! At the time this was the largest gathering of plein air painters painting at one time, this has since been eclipsed by the PA convention groups and the two subsequent Publisher's Invitational Plein Air Paintouts, both of which I have attended. Simply an amazing experience.