Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunny Day's Bonus Painting

On May 13 I posted a painting "Spring Rapids from the Second Bridge" of an upriver view from idyllic Three Sisters Islands at Niagara Falls State Park. I spent a long time on it & was going home happy with the results. Just past the islands, on the way to the parking lot, dappled sunlight lit up the path and brilliant patches of wildflowers in the lawn. It was stunning, and a quiet respite from the thundering water I had just painted.

I sat on the stone wall & reopened my french easel to experience the afternoon light on the path-I had an abundance of premixed Spring greens on my palette that I could use for this picture, as well as several well used brushes that were put back to work. I came home much later than planned, but sitting in the calm shade while I painted was a big contrast to standing on the breezy bridge and seemed like a completely new day.
Goat Island Path, 10x12 oil 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

September Art Show Preview

Although I am saving the pastel sky paintings for the show 'Skies over Buffalo, Wait a Minute' at Quaker Bonnet in September, I mentioned in the last post that I was painting skies from a single location.

I'm putting this up as an early weather warning post! First Fridays in Buffalo feature openings at many galleries, so save the evening-September 3rd-for my new solo exhibit. This is the first oil of the series which are from Grand Island, looking south to weather in the distance, my view. These perky clouds were dancing lightly on a perfect Spring adventure, but not all the skies are this cheery!
Sky Series, 4-12-10,'Off the Lake', oil 11x14 2010

WIlliamsville Waterfall

I'm not a fan of the color blue in my home. However, blue paint is another story altogether. Since September 2009 I have been painting skies--actually the same sky view as the weather & seasons change. That's a lot of blue, and a lot of gray as well.

Now that I paint plein air outdoors more, I have been returning to close ups- an inspection of single elements or parts of a whole. The sky paintings fit that category as well. This is a April view of the waterfall behind the red mill in Williamsville. The vertical composition was painted in the morning, while I had afternoon light for the horizontal oil. Same water, but the sun had moved.

It was pure pleasure to paint again with Sharon Fundalinski & Peggy Walker; each of our paintings captured the day, but each view was completely different. Painting with varied blues is a whole different category from living with blue in my home!

Red Mill Falls Vertical, oil 7x5 2010
RedMill Falls Horizontal, oil 8x10 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Tourist in Houston

Packed my paints, brushes & canvases for an extended visit to Houston TX & found that I couldn't paint plein air due to high heat & humidity---not me, the paint was entirely too tacky! I did a fair amount of sketching, read several books, spent too much time on FaceBook and just loved being with baby Amelia.

On a single day as tourist, I managed to visit the famous Beer Can House, Japanese Gardens downtown, & The Car Museum. By far, the best visit was to Museum of Fine Arts in Houston & the John Singer Sargeant exhibit of marine art painted when he was 18-24 years old.

Simply astounding.

Simply intimidating that so much planning went into a single final composition-full size individual figure drawings & paintings for a group composition on the beach as well as a maquette of the painting-and he was still a kid!

Sargeant, always loved his work, now I appreciate & respect it even more!