Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still waiting for these orchids to bloom

Now that winter is official with the solstice, I am thinking about the Botanical Gardens in South Buffalo. Last winter I was able to go only twice to the weekly Thursday paint outs. Both times, I spent more time walking around admiring the gardens & new layouts than I did painting.

This is a branch of Cymbidium or Dendrobium orchids, before opening. There were plenty of fantastic open examples, but I had hoped to come back in a week to see these blossoms open & paint a pair of pictures. It began as a plein air, but I continued to work on it in the studio for several long sessions, the depth represents the distance I feel from the Botanical Garden when I cannot go back to paint regularly. The closed blooms symbolize a promise of something special.
This is an expressive & dramatic painting in my studio, I feel fortunate to be able to paint like this.

Not Orchids Yet, oil 11x14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Open House at Earl Brydges Library in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Public Library held an open house on December 5th, cookies from Howes, punch & several local artsy people showed their work, including me. I chose a small table for my prints & cards right next to the tree so I could rearrange the ornaments for them.
I'm showing a print to Fran Volpe & Joe Carosella as their Aunt Helen-a dedicated Library Volunteer-checks out Niagara Falls paintings.
I've been busy with shows like this, calendar orders, mailing artwork, now I am going to slow down & figure out how this photo got into my folder!
I have prints & cards for sale in the library gift shop which specializes in images of Niagara Falls including wonderful historic black & white photos from the Dunlop collection. It is always a treat to go & see the volunteers who work to keep the shop full & the displays changing. I am confident it should be named the best North End gift shop for variety & history. The library building is impressive as well!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hyde Park Golf Course Niagara Falls

Last year I was given a cart ride-with my plein air easel-out onto the golf course in Hyde Park, Niagara Falls. There were no golfers as it was late in the season & chilly, but the maintenance men-who gave me the ride-checked up on my progress several times.
This is a par three, the tee is off to the right past the little bridge. The painting stood drying in the studio for a long time, unsigned, & unfinished, because I had not chosen where to put the flag & hole on the green. The trees painted by the green were too wet & thick to draw the flagpole straight outdoors. By the time I decided on the left front, I had forgotten whether it was on the black or the red course. If I had played this course one time then I would have known the answer. Of course, painting on the golf course is more fun than chasing a ball. Well, I do know a bit about golf, the players, rules, but I do like to paint best!