Sunday, October 19, 2008

Impact Artist's Gallery Fall National

Houston Texas pastel apartment Kath Schifano Kathy  night PaintingA juried exhibition involves submitting artworks by slide or CD to a judge, who chooses the artwork for the walls, declining some & keeping others, depending on the space. After the selected art is delivered, the judge looks over the exhibit to see that the work reflects what was submitted initially. At this time, prizes are awarded, often 1, 2 & 3 & Best of Show. Sometimes additional prizes are given for different categories as well.

In the case of this show, Holly Hughes, curator at Albright Knox in Buffalo judged it. This painting was selected as well as two of Carl's digital collages. It has been a pleasure to go to art openings where both of us are selected to exhibit work. The art opening is a public party - and very social - & the prize winners are announced at  that event.
Impact Art Gallery is in TriMain Center, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo, suite 545. The opening reception for the Fall National Show is from 1-4 on Saturday November 8. Join us!
My painting is a 'southern January night' plein air, seen from Robin & Jeremy Simon's 3rd floor porch, using the living room light to keep colors straight. The view is down the road & outside the complex, before they moved to their house.
Houston Night Lights [From the Porch]pastel 11x14 2007

Monday, October 13, 2008

First colors of Fall 2008

Niagara Frontier Plein Air painters [NFPAP] met at Burchfield Nature & Resource Center in September & I was determined to find the end of summer & first blush of Fall. On the turn of the Buffalo RIver, reflecting into the shallow water, this tree insisted on being my subject that day! 

This lovely cliff clinging tree is directly across the street from the home of artist Charles Burchfield which happens to be for sale. The large studio in the back makes an attractive workspace to me, but my upstairs studio here works just fine for late night adventures with paint & brush.
First Color at Burchfield '08, oil on panel, 14x10 2008

Grand Island yardwork

It's called 'Indian Summer in Buffalo', but I prefer the term autumn. The lovely 70 degree days of the past week have me hurrying to finish outdoor work, including painting the final Damar varnish on  my older-at least 6 months old-paintings. Now that the oil is thoroughly dry, this archival preservation step finishes them. As I prepared to bring the still tacky paintings indoors before the humidity got to them, I snapped this picture of my artistic buffet on the patio. I took advantage of every horizontal surface, including the grill and hose caddy, to let the varnish dry. 

There is an enormous feeling of satisfaction to finish this final step; sometimes I am ready to do the project but cannot because it is wet, windy or buggy outdoors. Spending a morning with rags, face mask and chemical mixes isn't particularly healthy, but I get a chance to reconnect with the surfaces of previously painted compositions. Many artists consider final varnish an optional step, but I believe in professional materials & archival preservation.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saved in the camera

Doesn't 'Pots at the Pool' look like a lovely plein air? It is a close up from the right side of 'Summer on the River', below. The section was developed more in the fence area, shadows & flowers as well as the background, but it was my favorite expressive section while it lasted.
'Pots at the Pool' ~ close up of 'Summer on the River' about 8"x10" unfinished oil paint

Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Bash

Karen planned a great surprise party for John-She booked the New Polechetti family band {formerly known as the Billy McEwen Band}, tents, lots of food, assorted cakes, bounce house, party lights and an outdoor bar. Oops, John remained in Batavia to finish his laundry. He made it, a tad late & boy was he surprised.

There is a painting here, waiting to be discovered!

Grand Island Painting

Kath Schifano oil painting, 36x48 Grand Island NY
Nearly finished, this is a 'grand' island painting, as I have been painting it pretty steadily for two months. I put off plein air days with my NFPAP & Paletteer friends to get it painted, but attention was needed! It turns out that choosing this house view included detailed background, middle & foregrounds & broke all the rules I usually paint with.

Whenever I went to shoot reference photos the guest house & pool were in use, people were having fun & using the space. That influenced me; as an 'architecture portrait' artist I wanted to include all the important details. The owners have restored, planned & organized their home & gardens carefully, even the paths work well to connect the areas. What could I leave out?

A grand part of this is the canvas size, at 4 x 3 feet it was like having another person in the studio. I had to walk around it, address its location with the lighting & my paints, get away from it to evaluate from a distance. I especially enjoyed my heavy wood easel & the wheels on my chair as I rolled back & forth to the palette. When it is completed & mounted in the frame it will be 5 feet wide by 4 tall.

Summer on the River  36" by 48" oil on gallery mount canvas