Monday, December 23, 2013

More than just cookies

poinsettia in oil
Merry Christmas in paint
December is a time of wonder, the first snow, decorations, great music and joy. I spent a quiet day, early in the month, surrounded by an acre of poinsettias. This is probably only possible because they have no scent! I snuggled next to a particularly pointy leaf variety and used my palette knife to capture the angular shape of the leaves. If you find some time to visit a Botanical Garden it will pleasantly reward you with new views every time.

I think we made 9 varieties of cookies this year, it was an ongoing project for the month and just as satisfying as painting is at this time of year. Come January, there will be lots of time to work in the studio.

Merry Christmas, may you share your days with your friends and family and find the joy in each moment.

Poinsettia with points, 5x7, oil

Friday, December 20, 2013

464 Gallery Show

Bond Lake Park
Bond's Reflections, oil 5x7, c. 2013
Fireman's Park, Ontario
Three Trees, 10x8 oil, c. 2012
464 Amherst Street is the home of 464 Gallery. Most exhibits there are a week long and feature individual artists. This month, a large number of artists and artworks are displayed, salon style, with three or four in a column, covering all the walls in the front and more are in the back room.

These three paintings are displayed there, perfect for the fall loving local art lover. The top was painted at Bond's Lake, right at the beginning of Fall and I used a palette knife as my hand was in a brace. I have used the knives more often lately as it is easier on my grip and a bit of a challenge, as well.

The next two were painted last Fall. 'Three trees' is also plein air, in the lovely Fireman's Park right across the Whirlpool Bridge in NF, Canada.

I am showing the barns here with and without a frame. Sometimes it is amazing to see the difference a frame makes, this little painting becomes a jewel with a carved and decorative gilt edge.

LMR, Fall painting
Eye Candy on LMR, 5x7, framed

Fall Painting
Eye Candy on LMR, 5x7 oil, c. 2012