Friday, August 19, 2011

Upper Rapids, the fury of water

I am working on the perfect painting to capture the sound and fury of the upper rapids of the Horseshoe Falls. This is meant to be a really loud painting, I want you to hear the water crashing as it races to become a cascade. A blend of Plein Air and studio work, it woke me last night with the sound of water running, not as loud as I expect it will be, but loud enough for me to have to check water faucets!

I know that paintings can be powerful; I am putting enough power into this that it may dribble.
To be continued!

In progress (Untitled) painting on location, 12x24, oil on canvas 2011


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  2. I love the rarely seen veiws of the falls you capture.

  3. Thanks, I have a few more falls paintings planned this coming weekend for the Worldwide Plein Air Paintout.