Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Strada Easel challenge continues

Packing up Christmas, a few items caught my eye. Whether it was nostalgia or an interesting shape, I set a few things aside and left the last storage box open a little longer. 'Big Man at Christmas' is a push puppet, you press the bottom and Santa collapses and it is a favorite of all ages.
The Elf on the shelf figure is plastic, he has a box that can be filled with a few pieces of candy. Doesn’t every home deserve a mischievous elf?
Ideal Shoe is very old, and I’m not sure who wore it. It's soft leather and a high top so I’m guessing it’s a mid century baby. We have a collection of baby shoes that hang on our tree. Tiny, they join the other ornaments in proclaiming memories.

1/4 "Big Man at Christmas" 7x5 acrylic
1/5. "Packing A Surprise". 7x5 acrylic

1/6.  "Stick Your Tongue Out" 5x7 acrylic

These are mid century or earlier baby shoes, high tops made with soft soles and leather. We have several baby shoes with our ornaments and they are welcome memories on our tree every December.

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