Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The second week of the challenge

Suddenly, the challenge got difficult. I am searching for a subject daily as it requires observation and painting from life. I had these eggs in the studio from a failed painting that seemed like a good idea. It was time to give them another chance and I chose 5x7 watercolor paper and acrylic paint. Better than my first attempt last month, but these eggs are not leaving my studio until I’ve captured them to my own satisfaction.
A trip to the market and I now have models to look at and choose from. I carried several vegetables up on a napkin and dropped them on the table. A little fussing and I thought I had a good composition but it turned out to be quite ambitious for the time I had left to paint. I may go back to this when the challenge is finished as I see there needs to be more unity between the background and foreground. 

"Vegetables". 12x12 oil

1/9.   I love this! Suddenly my brushes are doing what I expect!
"This Painting Smells Like Strawberries" 9x12 oil

1/10.  "Mailbox is A Distraction" 7x5 watercolor and ink
On this day I worked in the gallery so I drew the view out the window. I’d like to see that mailbox get straightened but it is attached to a crooked concrete slab. I was stunned by the number of signs at the Pearl/Linwood/North intersections in Buffalo. There were more street signs than I included here.

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