Saturday, January 5, 2019

The strada easel January challenge

The Strada Easel company sponsors a challenge to paint from life every day in January, if an artist posts a new picture daily, they become eligible for a new easel. Is there an artist anywhere that isn't intrigued by the prospect of new equipment?

Because I bake and party and decorate and host and travel during the end of the year, I purposefully stop painting for 5-6 weeks. I still sketch and draw but the paints are packed. Getting back to painting is easy because I've been thinking about new projects. To get back in 'shape' I decided to try the challenge. Years ago I did a painting a day for a month and it was rigorous and time consuming but well worth it. My skills went up a notch and so did confidence. That's my goal this month.

1/1/2019 Two handed Balance 4x4
1/2/2019 Too Small 5x7
1/3/2019 Defying Gravity 8x6

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