Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Refrigerator finds for daily paintings.

Here are three ‘ Refrigerator’ paintings from the daily challenge. Vegetables are good models and they encourage quick paintings as we like to eat them. This ceramic bowl seemed like it would be a challenge and I’m pleased with how it looks. 
"Purple Rubber Band", 11x15 oil 
I twisted and turned this head of cauliflower to get the perfect view without it tipping over. It was already half eaten from someone’s meal. Then, I chose the wrong format board to paint it on. It probably deserved a larger surface, but it also should have had a squarer shape. It was a huge challenge for a single vegetable on a small board. 
"Foxy", 7x5 oil

A little magic here, I changed the plate from orange to blue but respectfully copied the shadows and hilights. My homemade light box was helpful here.
"Good Leftovers". Oil 11x15
These grapes came to the studio with me as a snack. As I propped my legs on the table and looked at the birds in my tree, I considered my next painting subject. Aha! I wasn’t ready to eat them right away anyway. The lighting was a little tricky because the shadows were necessary for this composition. They were delicious, too.
A Half Dozen" 5x7 oil.

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