Thursday, October 3, 2019

An Abundance of Vegetables

Staying in the midst of a self sufficient organic farm there were a lot of flowers, plants and especially vegetables growing. Acres of farmland provided all the food for guests as well as the animals raised for petting, like llamas, chickens for their eggs, cows for milk and cheeses and bees for the farm and their honey.

A lovely stone bowl held two yellow apples and would make a lovely still life to paint indoors if it rained. I asked a gardener if I could have a few vegetables for my little bowl. I returned from lunch to find this huge selection of perfect specimens, artfully arranged with accents of yellow dill and straw. It was huge and weighed 15-20 pounds. I made use of the contents for the rest of the month, painting some, eating others and experimenting with drying peppers. Definitely the most delicious painting.

Watercolor plan for a large painting 6x8

Organic Vegetables, of Course. 18x24 pastel c.2019

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