Wednesday, September 16, 2020

International Plein Air Painters Worldwide Paintout 2020

Morning Rapids 12x30 oil 

The grounds crew cleared brush and low bushes beyond the paths on the Three Sisters Islands at Niagara Falls State Park. This gave us a wide open view of the Niagara River approaching Goat Island, headed for the precipice, eventually reaching Lake Ontario. Walking there last week I knew I would return for this painting. I decided to do it on the Worldwide Paintout weekend.
Feeling ambitious, I brought a larger gallery framed canvas to 3 Sisters. It had rained hard the previous two days and the rapids were particularly loud. There was a lot of water furiously headed for the falls.  I set up at the edge of the second bridge, leaving room for the occasional tourist and looked to the east. The gates of the Canadian water authority was the only built structure besides the distant communication towers, so this would be perfect. It became a study in soft colors, churning water and a slightly gray sky loaded with clouds. Having an overcast day meant that without strong light the scene would not change much as the day progressed.

Here is the BEFORE picture, with colors on the palette and blank canvas, my view is the far background. Most of my paintings use a limited palette, unlike all the masters and videos demonstrate on their palettes, I don't need or want every color available for every picture. My warm colors are on the left, cool on the right and neutrals in the center. I left out the overhanging branches as well as the two boulders on the right. 


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