Monday, June 29, 2020

Feels like summer

Diane caught me painting on my lap

The evolution of a shack into Casey's Cabana in Ferry Village, Grand Island is an interesting story. Several local High School entrepreneurs transformed this little historic shack into a cool little take out restaurant. It is at the end of the street perched on the Niagara river. They added a wonderful new dock with picnic tables and umbrellas which dwarf the tiny cook space and everyone loves it. We like to stop by for a tasty lunch or a quick dinner with that million dollar view over the Niagara River, with miles of shoreline and the bridge in the distance. The food is Delicious.
With schools closed this Spring for social distancing they were able to open early this season. I happened to meet two artist friends there and we all painted the building from different angles. A graduating senior purchased my painting, something she will always have as an heirloom memory of a great and successful undertaking. The name came from Mr. Casey, the business teacher at the high school who was an inspiration and supporter to these kids for several years now. What a guy! This painting is going to college outside Boston with its new owner this Fall. 

Casey's Cabana, oil, 11x14

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